ARMAB051 : Quasiregular - Heptagonal Tiling

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ARMAB051 : Quasiregular - Heptagonal Tiling

Post by Armatura Records » Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:40 am


Quasiregular is the new project from Greece which lands on Armatura's first output for 2016. Focusing mainly on
analogue sequencing and live perfomance with machines, this project's debut EP is, simply said, pure. Quasiregular
delivers here 2 no nonsense, straight 4 to the floor, tracks, with big bassdrums and hypnotising filtered sequences
on one side, while on the other, 2 tracks with a more mindfull touch, offering complex rhythms and intertwining
percussions executed in a flowing manner. This release shows what is to be expected from Quasiregular & Armatura
Records' collaboration in the future and the direction label is taking for upcoming period of work, bringing balanced
measure of thoughtful and danceable Techno music. Supported by some really nice people from the Techno world.


Available now on Bandcamp.

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