[TF07] James Patrick - Muscle Memory EP - 9.08.10

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[TF07] James Patrick - Muscle Memory EP - 9.08.10

Post by Poolside » Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:20 pm

James Patrick
Muscle Memory EP (w/ Barem, Someone Else, Jon Hester, and Zarbeat remixes)


Muscle Memory
James Patrick delivers detailed, mind-expanding techno expanses with a floor-rocking remix package. Popcorn blips set the pace of this filthy afterhours material, adorned with noisy ornaments to keep you guessing. Pulsing bass under thunderstorm echoes and tron soundscapes drop the science like Newton dropped the apple. This is one your muscles and your mind will remember thanks to an ethereal break before plunging back into mechanical muscular communications.

Where U Goin
Rhodes lines and trippy glitches shimmer along this trip down a nighttime highway full of deep bass, huge toms and sonic surprises... The party question of the moment is.. Hey... where u goin? Sure to be well received by fans of the quirkier side of detail oriented dance music.

Where You Goin (Someone Else's Helper Mix)

Where You Goin (Jon Hester's Sweatbox Firework Mix)

Where You Goin (Zarbeat's Workout Mix)
http://timefog.net/releases/tf07/wherey ... arbeat.mp3

What's been said...

Dustin Zahn
"I like Sean's remix. It reminds me of his older SE material, raw, pumpin' and stoney."
Marcel Jochmann
"for me mr. hester does it best in here. thx"
"anybody know where I can find a good bone doctor?'

Beatport release:
https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... emory%20EP


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