John Clees - Live Pa - (Telepathic Energy) LOG @ ARMA17 : Moscow

collection of sets posted by John Clees.
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Post by vermi »

this is great john! amazing music, again something different than the usual sound of today, which i really appreciate! also recognize some tracks from the previous livepa you posted ;)

you got anything up for release btw? lots of the stuff here that would be cool to get on vinyl (some day) :)
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Post by codix »

yeah john! right way! thats how it should be.
you got me since the intro. totally beautiful! after that! yeah yeah! ass shaking time. very nice outworked sound, like vermi said, not the usual soundscapes. like it. i´m out for buying some of the releases ;) put em out;)

keep up the good work and the feelings!

cheers codix :)
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Post by minimalwyte »

Yeah that last letting go mix is fuckin dope man! What I'd prefer to hear.
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Post by JackNine »

Tight. As always.
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Post by »

like force, softness and extase
peace, thanks for the share. 8)
tabula rasa
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Post by makaqex »

this is amazing!!! thank you
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Post by thomasjaldemark »

listened to this on my mp3player on the way and back from school today, really nice set man, some cool tracks in there

really liked it
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John Clees
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Post by John Clees »

vitocorleone wrote:everythin ive downloaded of u john has been brilliant...this included
that you so much for your words. that is such a deep compliment.

THANK YOU - to all - that took the time to write. to hear the word amazing being referred to my music makes me smile from the inside.

For many many years my music was so personal to me I choose - by choice - not to share it with labels and just keep for myself. in a small sense the only gratification I receive is a few warm comments in my post. which to me is perfectly fine.. :D

I assure you these comments will rest on my shoulders as I continue to share my music with all of you and labels in the near future.

thank you from the bottom of my heart.

yours truly,
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