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Post by gusta » Tue Jan 11, 2005 12:03 am



Real Name: Guillaume Berroyer
Profile: Ark is the artist who first brought the minimal style to many French. As soon as 1997 he issues on the Brif label "Siderurgie esthétique" and "De derrière les fagots", two EPs which were not much of a great success... It's logical, Ark is a precurssor, always light years ahead of his time.

But he doesn't loose faith in his craft for that, and collaborates in 1999 with Herbert (UK) and Losoul (GER) on "Belle lurette". Everyone got skeptic listening to this new music and yet, as today Losoul or Herbert have became stars of the genre, they discover the sound of Ark!

Ark doesn't begin his career at that moment. He first plays guitar in an 80's funk band and then starts with the heavily talented Pépé Bradock the band Trankilou . Remember, "Saint Glin-Glin" and especially "Escalope de dingue" which became an interplanetary hit. After that, he unexplicably misses the jackpot with "Le magicien d'os", its funky as hell & hypnotic chant ("I like the way your booty shake, ah, ah") and its monstrous remixes.

Ark has now joined forces with french fellow artist Cabanne as Copacabannark (on Perlon); he also issued an album as Shalark (Ark with Shalom) in 2001 and even manages to find the time to pursue his solo career, with the release of an EP on the prestigious Playhouse label (GER), as well as a LP/CD compilation entitled " Alleluyark " on the french label Circus Company. Two new tracks will also be available soon on the Katapult "Various Artists" upcoming compilation, as well as a few exclusives on the next T.I.M.E.C. releases, the parisian label with a twist which gracefully helped him with the site web you're now visiting...

His live sets always include stupendous and now famous surprises. The public of the Pulp in Paris won't forget anyime soon his incredible energy-fuelled mixes from reggae to hardcore with Mr. Oizo , Feadz or Herbert. He's also been heard at the Rex, the Batofar, the Scene, the New Casino in Paris or the Panorama Bar from Berlin. When he plays, his hair get moving all around, his body is a prisoner of the beat, he becomes the most beautiful man in the world... and the most unforeseeable.


Unknown Mysterioso (12") Karat
De Derrière Les Fagots (12") Brif Records
Siderurgie Esthetik (12") Brif Records
Belle Lurette (2x12") Brif Records
Keuhar (CD) Brif Records
Punkadelik (12") Brif Records
Absolut Abstract (12") Brif Records
Unknow Mysterioso (12") Karat
Le Magicien d'os (12") Brif Records
Shaolin (12") Brif Records
Alleluyark (CD) Circus Company
Alleluyark Vol. 1 (12") Circus Company
Alleluyark Vol. 2 (12") Circus Company
Alleluyark Vol. 3 (12") Circus Company
Dans La Bergerie (12") Pe (Ark Remix) Telegraph
Kinda Kickin' (12") Kinda Kickin' (Ark Remix) Phonography
Take My Head (Ltd Edition) (CD) You Make Me Feel (Arkc... Independiente
Woman Thing (12") Woman Thing (Ark "Arke... PIAS France
Wagon 1968 (12") 1986 (Remix by Ark) Battle
Emotions Under Curfew (12") Grace (Ark Remix) Boogizm
Strangest Life (12") Strangest Life (Ark Re... Kraked Recordings
U60311 Compilation House Division Vol. 2 (2xCD) Strangest Life (Ark Re... V2 Records, Inc.
Fabric 17 - Akufen (CD) 1968 (Ark Remix) Fabric (London)
Instead (12") Instead (Ark Version) Relax Beat
Post Office (CD) Panic Patrol Blues Telegraph
Appears On:
L'euphorie Des Glandeurs (12") Cabark Telegraph
Tracks Appear On:
Circus Company 001 (12") Cracked Cotton Club (R... Circus Company
Circus Company 003 (12") 1 Rue De La Rush Circus Company
Bakchich EP#1 (12") Tropikark Basenotic
I Love Techno 2 - Pure Progressive Techno Pleasure (CD) Tropikark N.E.W.S.
Bakchich EP#3 (12") Absinth Basenotic
Future Sound Of Paris 2: The City Returns ! (2x12") Absynth Polygram Record Operations
Future Sound Of Paris 2: The City Returns! (CD) Absynth Polygram Record Operations
100% Froggies (CD) Koniark (Edit) Trax Sampler
Acid Dubs (CD) Golden Rat Dub Music Collection International
Free The Funk - Compilation 5 / Superfuck (CD) Monk (The Drunk Ghost) R&S
Made In France (CD) Baibe Trax Sampler
Residents (3x12") Sancerre What's Up Records
What's Up Rec. Residents (CD) Sancerre EastWest (France)
Champs-Elysees Cafe (CD) Sucubz Wagram
It Sounds Different - Sweet Electro (CD) Sucubz (Mr Oizo Remix) Different Recordings
Nova Tunes 05 (CD) Le Magicien D'Os (Ark ... Nova Records
Post Office (CD) Pro-Blaim Telegraph
Post Office (2x12") Pro-blaim Telegraph
Stammheim Presents Heimfidelity 5 (CD) Le Magician Dos (Herbe... Hörspielmusik
Wagon 1968 (12") Wagon, Wagon (Remix by... Battle
Katapult Various Artists (2x12") Avoine Karat
Katapult Various Artists (CD) Avoine, Daiment, Inter... Karat
Minimal Set (CD) Wagon (Krikor Remix) Tricatel
Pigeon Funk Remixed (2x12") Ark's Intro, Gost Copy... Onitor
Taka Taka (CD) Sweet Chat Rio (Dimbim... Cocoon Recordings
Trax Sampler 068 (CD) Boulevard Rushechouart Trax Sampler
U60311 Compilation House Division Vol. 2 (2xCD) Lost And... (Losoul Re... V2 Records, Inc.
Post Office 2 (CD) Junkies Can't Go Uphill Telegraph

Aliases: Mr. Full Destructor
Members: Shalark
In Groups: Copacabannark, Guillaume Berroyer & Quentin Dupieux, Trankilou

source -->


Here you can see the man live in action on a party in Marseille, great but short movie, some o his productions are more or less comparable to the music in this movie...insanity! If there's someone who can id the music in this movie... :idea: ?? ... 20x240.wmv

So I discovered Ark a year ago and I fell directly in love whit his music, it has a different sound which I like very much.
Not really comparable to the regular minimal.
I prefer alleluyark vol 1, the unknown mysterioso on karat and the absolut abstract ep on Brif records.

So do other people also like his work or am I the only one?? :)
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Post by brianc » Tue Jan 11, 2005 12:18 am

I like some Ark's stuff like Copacabannark on Perlon, Sucubz (a nasty track on Le Magicien d'os), and at least one track from each of the Alleluyarks. He's definitely got some unique stuff...

minimal house
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Post by minimal house » Tue Jan 11, 2005 7:03 am

what does his shirt say?

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Post by Rich » Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:59 pm

I really like some of his tracks - "Satanark" is a f*cking wicked, rough, weird, pumping tune!! He certainly has his own sound, which is definitely a good thing. He's also done some great remixes, such as D.R.U.G.S - Miss Amerik-Ark. One bad thing is that a few of his tunes just sound like remixes of each other. When I first heard "Satanark" I thought it was a remix of "Sweet Chat Rio" because it seems to have some of the same vocal samples in it. You also find the same rhythms re-used in different tracks.

Even so, I definitely rate him as an artist, because his style is just so unique, and he has produced some excellent records.

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Post by Conquest Inc. » Sun Jan 16, 2005 12:04 am

minimal house wrote:what does his shirt say?
"Nothing is more important than friendship, not money, not fame, not death"
Michael Brody, Paradise Garage, 1993

I think it says 1993, but I could be wrong

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Post by Jesse Somfay » Sun Jan 16, 2005 5:42 am

I think it's 1970 something...Paradise Garage was a club which was around in the 70s and 80s.

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Post by phonudja » Mon Jan 17, 2005 1:48 pm

The quote is supposed to come from Michael Brody, founder of the Paradise Garage in NY. He's supposed to have said that in 1973 (that's what is says on the T-Shirt, too). The Garage only opened in 1977 - and closed in 87 - so there's not really a connection to the club.

Regarding Ark:
Great ideas, can get a bit repetitive - probably simply in a universe of his own (or maybe sharing it with oizo, cabanne?). I saw him dj a while ago, superb stuff! Got hardly a mix right in the usual sense, but awesome selection and unstoppable energy flow. I prefer him to the ultraserious mixrobot anytime :)

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Post by accdntly » Fri Jan 28, 2005 3:08 am

Regardless... the t-shirt, the Paradise Garage, and Ark all rock!!!

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