MAC vs. PC

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Post by keinzweiter » Fri May 19, 2006 3:17 pm

C.S. wrote:Cheap for MAC:

For a sequencer/host: $65 usable demo available and a good tutorial page to help understand whats going on.

Free VST & AU: ... tform/mac/

Lots a good ones there, Automat & Crystal get great reviews.

I'm on a PC BTW
man, thx for this link! :D

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mnml newbie
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Post by JThoma » Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:07 pm

Well I think there both nice for different things and I wish that I had both truth be told. In the end though it's just sequencers and synths and they both can do either so who cares.

Mac's are more expensive but they can be more reliable on the other hand. I just bought a custom pc notebook that was crammed with power (2.0 Centrino, 2gigs of memory and a 7200rpm 80gig hardrive) for around $1,600 and to get the same amount of power on a Mac it would have been around $3,000 maybe more.

My only concern is writing the track and audio quality, and I can get the same on a PC for almost half the price that's my only real comment. If you have the money and you would rather have stability then get a mac but if your budget, like most vinyl addicts are, then get a good backup hardrive and a custom pc and you've got the same thing.

Also I hate this conversation it's always pointless. I think Mac's are dope but I can't afford them and I'll leave it at that.

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Post by tantra4 » Mon Jun 19, 2006 10:18 am

I love my mac because I can download all of the gay porn I can handle without having to worry about my computer getting f*^cked, and at the end of the day I can still do a fancy shmancy live set with her. :twisted:

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Post by Robot Criminal » Tue Jun 20, 2006 2:11 am

Does that say something about mac users or it does LOL :P

actually it totally depends of what u like.
Gay or straight or whatever.
It's like dog ppl vs cat ppl.
Image we are all atomic and subatomic particles and we are all wireless...

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Post by daemon » Tue Jun 20, 2006 8:11 am

well i work with pc and never have trouble cause i keep my system clean by using the internet in vmware (virtual machine).

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Post by tantra4 » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:03 am

daemon wrote:well i work with pc and never have trouble cause i keep my system clean by using the internet in vmware (virtual machine).
Thats the point. You shouldnt have to do that.

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Post by 532nm » Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:41 pm

tantra4 wrote:Thats the point. You shouldnt have to do that.
mac's have stupid sh!t happen to them all the time, too.

and if you're getting spyware on a pc, hang it up, you obviously dont know what the fck you're doing.

they should have an equal costing mac vs. pc chess match to stop this argument once and for all.

pc = insanely inexspensive, millions of free apps, but you have to do more work to customize them and make them secure. cost to performance ratio is wicked. for $500 you can make an album

mac = hip, pricey, expensive apps (but really good apps.) more secure online (although im sure it is only because less than 10% of computer users use them). for $500 you can buy a plug-in.

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Post by slntpl » Thu Jul 06, 2006 4:54 pm

TroySilver wrote: Here's a few things the Mac does better:

1.) True plug & play
The Mac reads all digital cameras, printers and accessories right out of the box. How many times have you had to scramble around looking for "driver" disks for the PC? Never with a Mac.
:idea: This is VITAL! :idea:

i ALWAYS produce music these days with a cybershot digital camera, BubbleJet printer, and an iPod Docking Station. i just can't get enough of how well they play off of each other. When i plug em all in, it knows what they are like... MAGIC! No frowning mac faces here!

Scrambling for a driver disc? Well, if someone with a pc is reading this forum post than they wouldn't EVER need to "find a driver disc". ALL drivers can EASILY be found as free downloads online. That would involve "knowing" the manufacturer's name of products you own though.
TroySilver wrote: 2.) The OS
10x more stable than Windows XP. It never crashes or hard locks. I use both OS's, so I'm speaking totally objectively.
Never crashs or hard locks, eh? You must have a MAGIC one that wizards created. Maybe it was gnomes instead. Those little guys make superb computers and are cheaper labor.
TroySilver wrote: 3.) Bundled Software
The bundled software on a Mac -- mainly iPhoto, iTunes & Safari, all of which are free -- destroys anything comparable on the PC. I'm even talking about programs you'd have to pay money for. Name a photo editor easier to use than iPhoto? Or an MP3 player that's more user-friendly than iTunes? Safari has built in pop-up protection and is about 200x safer than IE when surfing around.

iTunes definitely "Destroys" as you put it. It "destroys" your audio files in an easy and timely fashion. i'd rather have a tape recorder with permanently low batteries than that garbage being installed on my machine.

Yes... iPhoto stands far above and beyond Retail photo editing applications. LOOK OUT, PHOTOSHOP! ...THE NEW LEADER OF THE PACK IS HERE TO STAY! i can't believe i almost forgot to mention this being another vital tool in music production.
TroySilver wrote: ...there simply aren't anywhere near as many vulnerabilities or viruses written to attack Macs. I mean, there are viruses for the Mac, sure, but you're talking about 200000x less of them.
You're right. Somebody really should start showing a little more effort and get to work.

Personally, i only use Norton software when i feel like producing some WICKED, internet security trance.
TroySilver wrote: 5.) Runs Serato & Finalscratch better
Ask the devteam from either camp -- the Mac runs MP3 DJ software better and with less quirks than the PC. Why? The OS is more reliable and the OEM quality is just flat out better.
why not just stick with the award winning iTunes? its bundled, its Free. Its pretty much fact that iTunes is the best application ever created.
TroySilver wrote: So yeah, there's more than a few.

did i miss your VALID points when i was looking for that DAMN printer disc, again?

...How do you feel about what just happened here?



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