(SCRTC001) Sit, Funk E, Luc R, Cleymoore, Joaquin - Sheep EP

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(SCRTC001) Sit, Funk E, Luc R, Cleymoore, Joaquin - Sheep EP

Post by Philsen » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:43 pm

Drawing its energy from the rapid waters of the Bio Bio River and its grace from Viña del Mar’s golden sand, a Secret Society was born.
And with its first release we get to feel this newborn record label’s mission: to bring together contrasts and smoothly harmonise them. Extending on the whole A Side we find SIT’ Near Jam, provocative on all our perception levels, with sudden rhythm changes yet still loyal to its silky soft percussion. On the flip side Funk E and Luc Ringeisen collaboration Your House proposes a rough and ruthless bassline, high paced by uber obsessive hi hats and subtly softened by dreamy melodic bubbles. And how to better close this release than placing our states of mind into Juice and Bread, an enigmatic high altitude minimal landscape imagined by Cleymoore and Joaquin Lledoo, filled up with buzzing sounds and washed away by strange windy loops.

So this is it! Secret Society Chile revelled its plans to the world: stay true to its chilean roots and expand its visions to far outer-lands.
[deejay]http://www.deejay.de/SCRTC001_-_Sit_Fun ... ch__237879[/deejay]
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