How important is vinyl to you?

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How important is vinyl to you?

Post by ISTILLFEELIT » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:49 pm

I'm aware of the vinyl culture in electronic music and love it.

BUT, what if some of your favorite artists decided to release a digital only LP or EP, or decided to stop pressing vinyl. Would it bother you as a fan?

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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by Themis » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:01 pm


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John Clees
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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by John Clees » Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:36 am

i'm not sure that my "favorite artists" would stop pressing vinyl. ever... hypothetical scenario that wouldn't actually apply. "Bother" me I couldn't go that far, but I would be less incline to buy an mp3 vs. vinyl regardless of cost. one is tangible and you can hold in your hand as well as sell vs. mp3s which are completely worthless.

p.s. I also read the average income from mp3 sales was apx. $12 month a few weeks ago. which seems crazy to me.. so why be limited to mp3 sales then turn around and make no money anyways? might as well press art.

in my case senerio I could "perhaps" make $144 a year or offer free downloads and move 1000's of tracks a year.

"When Beatport announced it would be late in making payouts to labels earlier this month, it was explained that this was a complication of SFX founder Robert Sillerman’s (now failed) attempt to take its parent company private. Now there are reports that the company is burning through its remaining cash and the flop of Beatport’s streaming service has made the cash crisis even worse. Reports from a source inside the company have stated that Beatport is up for grabs to a seller
When A Company Dies

Beatport’s shaky future is its own story, but it’s hard not to see this in the wider context of the fundamental weakness of the digital download business. People just aren’t buying as many MP3s anymore, and the DJ-centered dance music market is not immune to the downturn.

On May 1 2015, Stompy became the largest DJ-centered digital download seller to shut down. They will not be the last. Stompy had long-standing connections in the industry (the company began as promoters during the first flower of rave culture in San Francisco) and had even carved out a kind of specialized niche in Jackin’ House, which seems to be common among non-Beatport download shops. But it wasn’t enough.
Digital Dinosaurs

These sort of rumors are rife in any distressed market. And make no mistake: selling mp3s in 2015 is now selling to a “distressed market.”
Of course, if you’ve got any time in this business you’ve been down this road before. When print distributors were going broke in the late 1990s, observers noted that at the end of their lifespan they functioned similar to a Ponzi scheme: sales of new products paid for old ones, and vendors with accounts past due were encouraged to keep shipping inventory so the imperiled distributor would have something to sell and eventually pay everyone.

It never worked. Vendors put themselves further in the hole than if they had just cut off the distributor and let them go bankrupt. And when businesses go kaput, there’s rarely a perfectly balanced ledger of revenue and debts (which it appears some of the labels owed money by Stompy seem to believe). When a distributor or a retailer goes underwater, their vendors take a bath with them. There’s virtually no business on earth in which this isn’t true.
take from :

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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by aut.t.n » Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:13 pm

Vinyl is my only way of consuming electronic music (besides DJ sets which I download or stream) - so yes, I'd be bothered as the artist would actually not exist for me anymore.

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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by Philsen » Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:22 pm

aut.t.n wrote:Vinyl is my only way of consuming electronic music (besides DJ sets which I download or stream) - so yes, I'd be bothered as the artist would actually not exist for me anymore.
same here ... as a collector and dj, digital content isn't what im looking for ... besides dj sets, youtube vids & snippets i dont care about any digital content. no streaming, no mp3 dl ... i even only read printed books ... so yes, that artist will go out of my radar, maybe not at instant, but at some point i will loose the connection cause he will not appear at the channels i'm looking ... and to be true, there is no artist that has an output where i like everything ... so it will be not that bad ...
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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by wsmile » Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:33 pm

I have been always be forced to be serious (but it's fun) when deciding vinyl purchase, because of its cost and physical size.
And shops that mainly sell vinyls tend to have and share good knowledge about dance music.

Doing Vinyl dj was just fun for me. And I prefer to see many good djs stay with vinyls.
(btw I saw some digital djs often used too much efx and ruin the goodness of the tune. That was annoying.)

Vinyl release require more passion and patience, so that I can assume such releases are considered to be worth pressing vinyl.

That's why I buy more vinyls than others. Plus I hadn't met so many digital only releases that I really wanted to buy.

I personally do not purchase any mp3 since it is INTENSIONALLY SACRIFICE SOUND QUALITY ONLY FOR SMALLER FILE SIZE, even if I could'nt tell difference between 320kbps and lossless.

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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by Mick » Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:24 am

Agree with the above comments. I can't see the appeal in collecting digital music however good it might be. Similarly I'd much rather have a shelf full of books than a collection of digital PDFs to read, it's just much nicer to have a physical product.

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Re: How important is vinyl to you?

Post by MlclmDXXX » Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:34 pm

I'm new to vinyl, both as a DJ and a collector. So it's very important to me at the moment.

However, it would not bother me if they switched.

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