audio transpose - ableton - kick drum tuning

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audio transpose - ableton - kick drum tuning

Post by gowans » Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:46 pm

silly question but i was wondering if any one could tell me the value of the audio transpose knob in ableton. the 'st' value i believe is a half step?

when i type 1200 cents into the knob to transpose my sample a full octave it moves the value up to '10 st' on the ableton knob? am i missing something here? should it not be '12 st' ?

im wanting to tune my kick as a perfect 5th from the bass root note.

any help appreciated!

my kick's frequency is g-sharp. i have a low 808 bass and other bass frequency's. low 808 is a g-sharp also so not much of a worry but i want to tune my kick to a d-sharp to see if it brings it out more. is this right? music theory isnt my strong point!

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Re: audio transpose - ableton - kick drum tuning

Post by AK » Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:42 am

Not sure what ableton is doing there but there's a 100 cents in a semitone or halfstep. So 1200 cents = 12 semitones/1 octave.

Just use the ST knob with the mouse, a perfect 5th up = 7 semitones. Maybe a bug in ableton? I'm not in front of it now to try.

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Re: audio transpose - ableton - kick drum tuning

Post by wearemindflux » Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:56 am

Are you using a rack?

Maybe the rack values have only been mapped to say 0-10st, so when you type 12000 or 12 that value max's out at 10

If you are in a range and would like to change the range click the chain button, a map button will appear next to the hot swap and save button, from there in the browser tab you will see all the ranges. You can then change the max range to 12 (or whatever you want). Bare in mind there may be more than 100 parameters from various chains, so you will want to have map to all siblings engage cause otherwise its a bit of mare to add all the chains.

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