how to get washy/fluffy air reverb timbre on claps/snares.

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Re: how to get washy/fluffy air reverb timbre on claps/snare

Post by shubelo » Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:41 am

oblioblioblio wrote:software lexicon is gonna be fine, although it's probably quite feature heavy which might slow you down. Don't waste too much time tryin g different reverbs though. Easy to waste lots of energy doing that, although I'm terribly guilty of doing that myself.

when doing stuff like this, if the effects chain gets super complicated you're doing something wrong... I only worked that out recently. Too much processing and it becomes like a sample, you forget what's doing what and then just leave i, or just change one or 2 things. But if you keep the effects chain smaller you can be sure of everything that is happening and it's much more fluid and effective.

The next question is what are you putting into the reverb? A sample, or a synth with filtered noise? Working on that area might help you get what you want.

If the highs are too bleak with EQ before, try a more subtle EQ after. I would cut the low end going in to stop it from getting too muddy, and then try a gentle touch of removing the highs afterwards.

Reverb is relatively simple with experience, but it's easy to overcomplicate it, and it's probably a bit of a headfuck with some parameters making loads of difference and others really subtle. You should be able to hear pretty easily what's going on. A smaller room size and smaller decay time might be a good idea. Worth playing with diffusion to get a feel for that.

Compression might help later on, but I would switch it out and get the other stuff where you want it first.
Playing around, this time on the Ableton reverb, I changed the reverb to ''high'' not sure what that does exactly but it changed things dramatically and its definitely a lot better. Thats definitely one of the right settings. Pre delay is around 70 ms to created the wash ENV from, I think. Two channels with the same snare/clap one pretty dry 20% reverb with no pre delay and the other 100% wet rather then using a send. EQ on the wet channel before and then after I have found is working the best thanks for the advice its helping a lot. I haven't added a gate yet, the decay is probably down to much

Can anyone add to this?
example of it so far using 1 wet track and 1 dry. is that pretty much exactly the same as using it as a send?

Anyway have a listen

I used the Ableton reverb just because its easier to work with then the Lexicon, no gate added either. But I just tried adding a longer decay time and a gate and that just gone to sh!t. I can hear the idea and the gates doing this job properly but the decay is just making it sound hollow and long. I also tried without the gate and putting the decay somewhere in between but its the same sounding. I need to do something because I would like to have the washy reverb sound longer.

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Re: how to get washy/fluffy air reverb timbre on claps/snare

Post by shubelo » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:26 pm

Can anyone add?

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Re: how to get washy/fluffy air reverb timbre on claps/snare

Post by John Clees » Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:48 am

simple effects, reverb, delay, flanger. same clap but also using differing timing/variations of the sample. make mulitpled channels and then group them of the clap itself. tweet an eq on one, duplicated it, change the cutoff ect on another... same sample played with several notes very close together fading off on the volume level. sounds like effects are on, then sudden drop or shut off. slow down the tempo when trying to recreate a the clap which would allow yourself more time to makes reocorded live changes..

I've bought the waves plug in for reverb and still use ableton's reverb. the general setting are set the same.. but if you really dig into slight adjustments and the blends between all the options (play with any and all adjustments) you can change the dynamic completely.

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