UK LONDON 13.12.14 Afumati - Cezar & Praslea +record Xchange

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UK LONDON 13.12.14 Afumati - Cezar & Praslea +record Xchange

Post by tcharlyz » Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:59 am


FB Page :

We are a group of people who’ve been involved in the electronic music scene for a while which increased our desire to explore its deepness. We would like to encourage DJs to enhance their artistic spirit by offering them the freedom to present different horizons in music styles and sounds. Prepare yourself to breath into an experimental voyage of improvisation, unusual structure, sound effect and instrumentation.

Our first event is taking place in Manor House!

We are honoured to welcome Afumati for a 5 hour composition of downtempo to more upbeat set at a beautiful red-brick tower venue with fascinating structural design.

Created by and around Praslea and Cezar, Afumati was the chosen name for their studio jams. Their paths split for a few years, each being involved in other creative enterprises, only to bring them back with more experience and loaded with the tools and knowledge needed to take Afumati a step further, out of the studio.

Alongside them, Bucharest based visual maker Ion Cotenescu is bringing in some of his visual CAD flair.

For you Record Collectors: 2 players, 3 hours of time and of course lockers for the safety of your wax! Please feel free to bring, express and exchange few of those records which could bring more sheer joy to others. This is an exchange only between You! Meantime, we’ll have jazz background music and cocktails at the bar for those who cannot get involve, but can enjoy the company with others.


The venue has a limited capacity of 200 people and for the comfort of everyone we won’t allow more.

In order to receive your invitation please email your full names at:

Your Invitation does not guarantee your entry. Only if you have a booking done.

See you soon!

Facebook event : ... 0/?fref=ts

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Re: LONDON 13.12.14 Afumati - Cezar & Praslea + record Xchan

Post by roland » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:11 pm

link down

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Re: UK LONDON 13.12.14 Afumati - Cezar & Praslea +record Xch

Post by John Clees » Sun Dec 14, 2014 3:23 pm

I posted the picture from your fb page for you and posted a working link to your facebook page.. ;)

* event page you posted is not working, plus I also added UK to title per our posting guideline.

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Re: UK LONDON 13.12.14 Afumati - Cezar & Praslea +record Xch

Post by pure_evil » Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:20 pm

Did anyone reach this ? I couldnd go unfortunately :( how was it ?

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