LRN Series #16 - Hendrik van Boetzelaer aka Opuswerk

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LRN Series #16 - Hendrik van Boetzelaer aka Opuswerk

Post by Opuswerk » Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:03 am

Fellow Mnmlers,

I recently took part in the great podcast LRN Series(
They focus on ambient, eclectic & abstract electronic music, with previous contributers like Peter van Hoesen, Luigi Tozzi, Rabih Beaini, Chris SSG, Agonis and Zadig among great music lovers.

I set out to record a mix to fit the overbearing heat of where I was at. I hope it can accompany some of your day too.

Мираж - Ритмическая Гимнастика (Mirage)
Je#us Is My Son - Insouciance
Ben Bertrand - 01 Orion Molecular Cloud
Myako Koda - Ndembu (Jordan GCZ Re-Edit)
Edson Natale - Nina Maika
Ø - Kefeidi
Djrum - Blood In My Mouth
Jon Hassell - Timeless [Tresor]
Patrick Cowley - The Jungle Dream
Dasha Rush - Life Time Poem
Wanderwelle - Primitive Dreams
Klotho Arche - Epohe
'Pessimist & Karim Mass - B5
Overmono - Pom
Huerco S - A Sea Of Love
Clearance Part I + II - Dimitris Petsetakis
Deux Filles - The Voice Of Experience
Burnt Friedman-The_Pestle
Air Liquide - Things Happen
Malayeen - Omar
Opuswerk is now Hendrik van Boetzelaer
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