D-Node 099: James Patrick Live/DJ Hybrid Set

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D-Node 099: James Patrick Live/DJ Hybrid Set

Post by Poolside » Thu May 20, 2010 11:22 pm



James Patrick is a composer, artist, DJ, producer, promoter, and educator (busy guy) working out of Minneapolis. He’s been making music for over a decade and blessed Timefog with its first release, his Meat Hooks EP, last year.

For this installment of D-Node he contributed a live/DJ hybrid set, a work evolving through his performances in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

Download Mix - See other podcasts

Here’s what he had to say about it:

We were opening up for Skoozbot at First Avenue Nightclub, the club from Purple Rain (Prince).
This spot has become a Minneapolis staple for the underground techno movement, a pitch black room hosted by the Particle People, showcasing the world’s finest deep/minimal/techno sounds.
This set in particular has been a work in progress for the last 2 years of my life. It’s a live/DJ hybrid set that showcases all of my own works, alongside some of my favorite productions.
I use sounds from all around my daily life. I play with Jazz musicians. I teach music to brilliant young artists every day. All of these sounds are potential material.
There are a total of 16 channels. 1-8 are all drums/machines/percussion. I use a JoMox MBase, a Faderfox for my effects, and an APC40 for my sequence control. 9-16 are all synths, samplers, and audio channels. I then use a series of about 10 custom Max patches and an iPod touch w/ Touch OSC for my time based processes. The patches are mostly for effect modulation, but several of them are designed to maintain clip playback control, a kind of “global conductor” device that allows for fading between sequences and rhythmic variations. The best part is when I can pass around the WiFi iPod and let the dancefloor grab hold of the music… it’s a blast. The events in which this music can be heard are most often tagged as “Timefog” nights. Timefog is our own “small town” label.. with an international scope. We’ve been using it as a platform to bring Minneapolis to the attention of the international music community. We’ve had the honor of branding some very magical music by our favorite local and international talents. Check Beatport.com for our releases!


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