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Post by kahl_s » Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:40 pm

re.vise wrote:
ParanoidDancer wrote:Does anyone know who J. alter is? He seems to be listed in the tracklisting but never heard of him and neither google nor discogs seems to be able to find him.
A ALTER ego. :)
Jor-El from Gigolo Records

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Post by dj-jc » Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:04 am

gubenhinden wrote:
mlnus wrote:
suli.belarto wrote:Image

lolllllll :lol:
brililant :-D

hawtin is one of my favorites but this time he is leaving his dj abilities for grabbing the awful image of an awful management and advertising, he leave the turn tables to take an awful xone 3d controller like sasha

damn he is a rockstar now

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Post by MichaelF » Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:21 pm

i love richie, but i'm not really into this...especially for home listening.

Would be sweet in a club though!

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Post by UGF » Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:19 pm

Hey everybody,

Don't blame Rich (the mix is better than most other mixes people are doing)! Not the best but still jam packed. Blame all the bullshit minimal tracks people are making...the overall quaility of minimal music has goes down the shitter, imo. Based on the wealth of music, it's obvious that it's more about quantity over quality. If you guys want a better mix from Rich, maybe these new artists should make better tracks. Seriously, everyone loves Transitions and look how much old stuff, esp. Sahko records were used on that. I think there's something vapid about most of this new music

Minimal has progressed to this point where it's more progressive sounding than heady/cutting edge. Dollars to donuts, Rich still has it. His DEMF '08 (powered by Traktor) had everyone under he tent zooming.

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Post by pheek » Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:03 am

UGF wrote:If you guys want a better mix from Rich, maybe these new artists should make better tracks.

I can't really understand your point. So if there's more music and some is bad, it means that DJs have a less better sense track selection than before? In the unpopular years of house, guys like Mark Farina never failed to make me go crazy. God knows the house scene was flooded with weak music for a while and in the end, its all about what you do with it.

Rich is to me one of the most talented DJ out there, someone not to miss when in town but unfortunatly, this mix doesn't represent it well IMO. I can't blame it on producers even if there's alot of junk at the moment. I can still buy LOADS of awesome tracks on Beatport, or find little gems that can be re-edited.

it's all about how creative you can be! With all the technology we have access to, there's no excuse.

That said, long live richie!!! :D

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Shadi Megallaa
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Post by Shadi Megallaa » Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:42 am

Would everyone kick my ass if i post something in here without reading the past couple billion pages in this thread?..... well i guess i will anyway..

I don't see any reason at alll to knock Richie.. for everything he's done for techno.. I guess the hardest thing about being the king of the hill is to stay the king of the hill.. Closer to the edit and transitions.. are 2 of the most amazing mixes i have heard to this day.. they never get old, and they actually just get better with time.. and that being said.. I guess you won't really understand Rich as a Dj unless u've heard him.. and i'm not talking about a huge festival.. to hear Richie play at an intimate club, with a great system.. wow.... I haven't seen him so many times.. but the times I have seen him I was left speechless.. I can think about Minus and all the marketing strategies and all that and be turned off by it all.. but i chose i remember the Richie i saw in Watergate and that alone puts a very big smile on my face.. :D

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Post by lostinmusiq » Mon Jul 21, 2008 6:41 pm

1st i must say that í am also not a fan of this mix from rich ...
he is much better in the club than this RA mix ...


i am happy about that he is now more closer to edit than ever before ...

Richie Hawtin wrote:"For those who didn't know, I've moved over to a completely new setup for my performances, releasing the shackles of turntables and going to a fully digital laptop setup, allowing me to get closer to the edit than ever before!!!"

i remember this lecture from rich at the michigan university in 2002 ...
where he give record of the new final scratch programm / ableton etc ... for that time nobody ever heard of this programms ...
he is so forward thinking to that time and now he plays without turntables /vinyl and so on and i think the plastikam must nowadays not give proof to somebody ... lol
he reach everything he want ...

for me he is unique and there is no other person in techno like him ...


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