V4W.ENKO - Unreleased Futures vol /Album/ Digital / Bandcamp

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V4W.ENKO - Unreleased Futures vol /Album/ Digital / Bandcamp

Post by V4W-ENKO » Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:37 pm

Cyber Music of the Ukrainian Sound Director V4W.enko, Predominantly attended In Japan Now Available On The Bandcamp Of The Musician. Https://v4wenko.bandcamp.com/track/b07
New album of "unrealized possibilities" (Unreleased Futures) Vol 2 by V4W.ENKO
This sound poem explains the levels of interaction of the software interface with the levels of behavior of the artificial sound landscape, transforming dangerous sound into a soft texture and vice versa. Computer music. Structural Improvisation
V4W.ENKO - Unreleased Futures (vol2)

  # V4wenko https://v4wenko.bandcamp.com/

https://v4wenko.bandcamp.com/album/unre ... ures-vol-2


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