[SRRLP002] Alex Tomb & Marianne in the Woods new album

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[SRRLP002] Alex Tomb & Marianne in the Woods new album

Post by alex tomb » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:39 pm

[SRRLP002] Alex Tomb & Marianne in the Woods - Probabilities & Unorganized Harmonics
Label: Several Reasons Recordings
Release Date: 9th December
Format: CDr / Digital

Buy: https://severalreasonsrecordings.bandca ... -harmonics
More Info: http://www.severalreasons.org/long-play ... -harmonics

The story:
"Marianne decided one day to catch Apparat Band for a live concert in Berlin in 2013. While going home, the inspiration was so evident that she had to do something about it. She had already in mind at the time to create something special, a concept project with specific tools and specific vision, so this was the ignition of the flame that would trigger something big. During that time, Marianne didn’t have a permanent home and was wondering around, from place to place until she could find something suitable. She didn’t have a studio either but she had to extract those feelings immediately after the show. She opened her laptop, connected it to a Hi-Fi player, initialized her (very important to this project) tools, and started composing musical sketches. In 2-3 days Marianne had already enough material that would later take form & shape, and would be the main core of this LP. Ideas like 3-note chords hitting randomly in space and time, forming the skeleton of 3 separate pieces from the album, but used cleverly in different ways, and so on. Alex then takes care of the rest, and this story unfolds…"

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