[CFL016] - Beat Movement - Parallelism - Cat For Lunch

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[CFL016] - Beat Movement - Parallelism - Cat For Lunch

Post by deejayfeedback » Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:18 pm


///////// CFL016 - Beat Movement - Parallelism - Cat For Lunch
Label: Cat For Lunch
cat.#: CFL016
Artist: Beat Movement
Title: Parallelism
Release Date: Jul 22 2014

///////// Tracklist
01. Parallelism (Original Mix)
02. Not simple guys (Original Mix)
03. Parallelism (Alexander Vogt Remix)

///////// Release info
In the Cat For Lunch stables purebred horses Beat Movement kick and set off running with two raw techno tracks: echoes and dub chords slowly build the ethereal in the engaging track “Parallelism”, while “Not Simple Guys” is a clean techno track, but as the title suggests, is never dull and able to impress. Alexander Vogt continues with the original groove, but muffles Parallelism in a toneless march perfect for galloping on the dancefloor. Beats for Breakfast, Cat for Lunch!

///////// Listen Here

///////// Supported by:
Anthony Pappa, Slam, Robert Owens, Stacey Pullen, Nadja Lind, Xenia Beliayeva, Brother's Vibe, Larry Cadge, Saccao, Benji Candelario, Claudio Coccoluto and many others!

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