CFL015 - Pazul - Flight - Cat For Lunch

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CFL015 - Pazul - Flight - Cat For Lunch

Post by deejayfeedback » Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:59 pm


//////// CFL015 - Pazul - Flight - Cat For Lunch
Artist: Pazul
Title: Flight
Label: Cat For Lunch
Format: Digital
Release Date: Jun 24 2014

///////// Tracklist
01. Flight (Original Mix)
02. The Lucky twist (Original Mix)
03. Flight (Marc DePulse Remix)

///////// Release info
Marco and Matteo (Metrophonique) are incredibly proud to present the 15th episode in their magnificent journey, which on this occasion is entrusted to Pazul (URSL). If Techno was a circus, Pazul would be one of the most renowned acrobats in the circuit; to prove it he presents us with two tracks that mix funk, deep, house, minimal in perfect harmony and elegance. "Flight" is an intimate and melodic track, while "The Lucky Twist" is a dubby funk ballad. Pilot Marc DePulse creates a trajectory for "Flight" connecting Berlin to Detroit, turning it into a timeless track, minimal but with a warm and enveloping sound. Beats for Breakfast, Cat for Lunch

///////// Listen Here

///////// Supported by
Slam (Soma): strong release - will play thanks guys
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Anthony Pappas: The best mix is the "Original Mix" and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa.
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Luciano: Hello Downloading for Luciano,Thanks for the music
Nadja Lind: nice one. thanks for the sounds
Gunnar Stiller: great ep!!! marc´s remix is my fav.
Marcelo Vasami: Marc DePulse for me
full support, thanks!
The Mekanism (Exploited / Noir / Needwant): Download for The Mekansim. Thanks for music
Hippie Torrales: Nice & dark.
Maximiljan: big Marc DePulse Remix. thanks
Horse Meat Disco: Groovy and nice
Saccao: thxxx... nice release... support..
Larry Cadge: Full support!!!
florian gasperini: marc depulse is nice :)
Chris Fortier (Fade): thanks
Adam Helder: Nice
Dj Sossa (Circoloco): nice..
and many others...

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