=FMR47- Max Jacobson, Dave Powers - Feel Factory

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=FMR47- Max Jacobson, Dave Powers - Feel Factory

Post by m jaco » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:26 pm

Max Jacobson & Dave Powers

Paying homage to the hypnotic groove…


After a brief hiatus, we’re back. The “Feel Factory” EP is by new breed Chicago producers Max Jacobson and Dave Powers. Max has been DJing around town at some of our favorite spots and organizes undergrounds and private afterhours. Dave, a professional musician and music instructor also DJs, throws parties and performs live with his jazz trio. Max and Dave’s songs are out on Akbal Music, Klectik and Fade, and they have forthcoming releases on Tanzbar Musik / Workbench and Snubb Records. “Feel Factory’s” title track is slow-burning and earthy with great changes. “Don’t Let It” combines Powers’ jazz licks with an elegant classic U.S. house groove. The last two tracks get more psychedelic. For their first remix in years, Nathan and Mazi work the machines over “Don’t Let It,” adding tape echoes, MPC programming, a string machine and other vintage synths. The EP ends with “Dos”, a tracky cut with a low vibe and warehouse rhythms. We think this is future house that knows its history.

Feel Factory EP

Max Jacobson & Dave Powers - Feel Factory

TITLE Feel Factory
ARTIST Max Jacobson & Dave Powers
RELEASE DATE Beatport 30-May-2012, Worldwide digi 29-June-2012

beatport link - http://www.beatport.com/release/feel-factory/913327
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Re: =FMR47- Max Jacobson, Dave Powers - Feel Factory

Post by m jaco » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:27 pm


[ Sneak ] – Good House Music. Thanks.

[ DJ T ] – Thank you for the good music!

[ Charles Webster ] – Don’t Let It is best here for me. Thanks.

[ Chris Gruber ] – Nice EP. Hard to say which track is the best one. Will play for sure.

[ Elef ] – Really feelin’ both Don’t Let It mixes. Hot stuff once again delivered by the FM HQ!

[ Till von Sein ] – Dope EP.

[ F.E.X. ] – I’m into Dos and NDL & Mazi rmx, good to hear that.

[ Robert Owens ] – Great groove on Feel Factory.

[ Three ] – Great stuff guys. Feel Factory, Nathan and Mazi’s remix and Dos are all in the box. Dos is uber deep in such a class way.

[ Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur) ] – Elegant release. I really like Dos.

[ Mark Henning ] – Great.

[ Ralf Kollmann ] – Superb! New school Chicago.

[ Marques Wyatt ] – I’m feelin’ this!

[ D'Julz ] – Sick remix. Lovely old school vibe and dope bass line.

[ Catz n Dogz ] – Drew Larsen & Mazi remix is really good! Reminds me about the good old days.

[ Florian Kruse ] – This is the true Fresh Meat sound! Really digging all tracks here. Big fan of those chords.

[ Kate Simko ] – Go Max and Dave Powers! Great bass line in Feel Factory, will be supporting these fresh Chicago talents for sure!

[ Dubble D ] – Cool EP!

[ Rocky ] – Nice. Digging these.

[ Nils Nurnberg ] – Dos is really cool. Also into the remix. Good job!

[ Deepchild ] – Fresh Meat can do no wrong! This is pure, uncut booty-burger with a crispy side order of win-sauce smothered in sexx-fries!

[ Dean Facer ] Amazing release, simply amazing!

[ Slam ] – Will road test this weekend. Thanks.

[ Tuomas ] “Phonogenic” Salmela – Both Don’t Let It mixes are really nice.

[ Giom ] – Nicely done as usual. Definitely liking all these.

[ Nico De Ceglia (Radio 1) ] – Very nice.

[ Nathan G (Defected / Large Music) ] – Don’t Let It gets my vote. Supporting.

[ Jason Hodges ] – Really digging this EP….dope!

[ Murray Richardson (Rebel Waltz) ] – Love those trax that you cant stop playing when you hear them first time…”Feel Factory” is one of those trax!

[ Will Lynch (RA) ] – Favorite track Feel Factory. Thanks.

[ Jean Jerome (FG Radio) ] – Smashin’ EP, well done mates!

[ Kris Needs (fnoob radio) ] – Really solid EP. Full support and maximum respect.

[ Will Turner (Radio Galaxie 95.30FM) ] – Really great work! Can’t wait

[ Terry Matthew (5 Magazine) ] – For review, thanks.

[ Bleed (de-bug.de) ] – For Review.

[ Michael Black (Power FM) ] – Nice chunky EP. Digging the title track and both mixes of Don’t Let it.

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