[TZH022] Primarie - Hanizt EP (Incl. Flp & Dni and M-Phunk)

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[TZH022] Primarie - Hanizt EP (Incl. Flp & Dni and M-Phunk)

Post by TzinahRecords » Thu May 10, 2012 1:06 pm

Primarie - Hanizt EP (incl. Flp & Dni and M-Phunk) [TZH022] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Andrew Grant, Paco Garcia, Daniel Sanchez, Guti, Hermanez, Tato, Javi Bora, Philip Arruda, Sercan, Kolombo, Luc Ringensen, Andrea Loche, Dragosh and many others.

After a long break and after another great ep from our italian duo, now , after we at Tzinah had settle down and made our plans for the future we present the family at it’s best. And who’s more appropriate for this than Primarie, which reveals us the true sound of Tzinah. The Family has recruited, for remixing, his gangster M-Phunk and Flp & Dni.
Hanizt is more than it sounds, its groove is now representative for our label and we are sure you won’t keep your feet in one place and you will start dancing your shoes off. In all this deep groove you will find just one word in the acapela, one word that guides us forward ‘love’. As for the remix, our remixers had made this groove great for after-hours , great to get lost and just enjoy its trip. Whenever you get too lost, Flp & Dni brings you back the love sound and love message. The second track from Primarie, ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ it’s like a wake up call for everyone, a call to action, a call to change your point of view. This instrumental is hard and aggressive, it will make you wonder, wonder what you wanna do with your life as the voice says. Here comes M-Phunk who clears things out, who takes this trip into a more warm and deep groove. With his gangster attitude he is straight, telling us again and again ‘life’s a bitch’.
According to our plan we connect more and we welcome Flp & Dni in our team. Until our next step, we invite you all to support our message and bring the love into your life.


Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Andrew Grant: Let Me Tell You Something original is sweeeeeeeet!!!!!
Paco García: Nice Music Guys….
Daniel Sanchez: Both original mixes are great! will play m for sure, thanx
Guti: Cool ep
Hernandez : Thanks for the music , great release
Tato: uepaa… nice release .. again,,, hanitz is great! and both remixes as well…thank you!!
Javi Bora: Will play! Support
Philip Arruda: Let Me Tell You Something is great! Thanks for this : ) nice job
Sercan: m-phunk remix is nice
Kolombo: Downloading…thnx!
Alex Kaddour: M-Phunk for me!! Cool one. Will try iy out. Thanks
Luc Ringeisen: Nice pack thanx !! I like all tracks especially Hanizt and its remix
Dragosh: Hanizt is for me nice tune! Support!
Andrea Loche: Thanks for the music ! Support !
Djohnny: super remix from m-phunk, will play for sure, support
Rods Novaes: Great Pack! Full Support! thanks!
M.A.M.: Let me tell… for me… Thanks a lot guys good job!!
Robert Powlson: Good stuff guys, thnx a lot. peace
Prudo / Alfa Romero: like the m-phunk rmx.
Madeni: nice EP…. Flp & Dni for me!! thanks
Tomika: M-Phunk remix is my favourite, cool ep as always!
Raffa FL: Def a superb ep! My fav is m-phunk and primarie – hanizt! thx!
Dan Farserelli: The hynoptic vibes of Hanizt original for me… Nice work
Nicholas Deca: I like all tracks. Support!
Julian perez: Good one!! M-Phunk is my fav here ; )
M-Phunk: good EP… interesting remix from Flp & Dni
Paco Wegmann: flp & dni remix is nice,let me tell you something original as well.thx full support
Mihai.T: Good Ep man i like verry much M-Phunk Remix
Joachim: like the Flp & Dni remix the best of the whole pack..
Faster: Flp & Dni and M-Phunk Remix for me !
Chembass: Hanizt original, i like the sounds thanks
Claude Solis: m-phunk remix is dope. will try this weekend. thanks!
Wayne Brett: Nice EP.Hanitiz (original) is a cool loopy tool and M-Phunk’s remix of Let Me Tell You Somthing is off the hook!
Zotist: Good Release, i like the M-Phunk Remix
Francesco Zani: Support!!!
Mr.John: great remix from m-phunk…..salute
Andrea Colina & Victor Elle: let me tell you something (original mix) is the best for us…thanks
Luis Groove: Let me Tell you Something (Original Mix) sounds nice, must to have a good listen on it.Thanks for sending.
Timmy P: Big EP, like all tracks, fav is Let Me Tell You Something original. Great groove.
Sebastian Voigt: great release. m-phunk remix is killer
Danny Panagiotou: Nice tunes Hanizt and remix! ; )
Isaac Silva: Nice work ” M-Phunk Remix ”
Berna: Niceeeee! ”let me tell you something” original & remix are for me. Many Thanks
Sebas Ramis: Flp & Dni remix the one for me!!! thankss!!!
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, full support!!! thn’x
Francis White: support
Gliso: Cool!!
Jordi Villalta: full support
Drummer: Hanizt (flp & Dni rmx) nice track,I´ll play sure,thanks for the music
Groovesh: M Phunk Remix is really good! Thanks : )
Kokka: i like let me tell you something m punk remix fantastic
Dai Zon: great ep. m-phunk remix for me.
D.Jordan: full support tzinah records,¡¡cool tracks

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