Energun - Robo Eclecticism.EP / ARMAB026

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Energun - Robo Eclecticism.EP / ARMAB026

Post by Armatura Records » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:29 am


Energun (Belarus)

Distinctive sound of the 90's with classic analogue Techno and lots of acid infused synthesis.
“Robo Eclecticism” shows a new sound for the Energun project from Belarus with 4 tracks of
analogue based madness. All tracks are very metallic in their appearance and non conformist
in direction.

EP has been released recently at beatport, amazon, itunes and many other download shops
on teh web.Check out your fav site for a copy, thanks for the support!

Robo Eclecticism EP [Armatura Bonus] :: Beatport

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