TZH020 - VA - Underground House Music 003 / 15.02.2012

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TZH020 - VA - Underground House Music 003 / 15.02.2012

Post by TzinahRecords » Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:22 pm

VA - Underground House Music 003 is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Phil Weeks, Carlos Sachez. Felipe Valenzuela, Guti, Andrew Grant, Tato, Javi Bora, Philip Arruda, Mirco Violi, Andrea Loche, Dan Drastic, Mihai Popoviciu, Someone Else, Anthea,Dan Farserelli, Hector, Vadim Svoboda and more...


Tzinah Records is building an army full of lovely soldiers. Within its old residents and new recruits this compilation is more about underground then ever before. The new recruits come with a lot of soul and the residents put once again their fingerprint on Tzinah style.

The story begins with a true romanian style signed by Little Hado and Arapu, two artists from the heart of Bucharest. ‘Eredicare’ makes room for the right groove and it catches your ear with smooth minimal sounds that will last till the end, as the voice says this will burn your skin. With a more raw sound and a nasty groove Nu Zau just plays with his drums over and over again. In ‘Refan’ you will get lost and be found again by his ingeniously of getting in and out with it’s rhythms. Straight from Frankfurt BHLR is a group of three comrades (Botanyk, Liphansev and Schbrt) that inspire only love. Who knows what can happen ‘Beyond the Road’ but it’s sounds just like happiness and joy! From another part of Europe, Ibiza, Julian Perez signs his firs track at Tzinah Records. He comes along with the island sound and deepness. We believe that his talent aligns well with Tzinah’s sound. It’s happy, it’s groovy and we like that! Now we jump to Verona where we meet Raffa FL ready to ‘get on down’ presenting more cool drums and snares. ‘The Playback’ is just the second track released with us, but our italian friend prepares us a whole EP. Our gangster soldier presents his stories with a street sound, rap attitude and very deep chapters. ‘The Mood’ of M-Phunk is our mood too. A new recruit, a new city. Amsterdam. Artist: Ferro who’s ‘Encanto’ tracks it’s all about acid and Detroit tales. This track wakes you up and makes you mingle around till it catches you and you’ll find yourself dancing. Bayt, now a label manager, he brings more value to our family. Singing with his deep trumpets and horns he spreads his love to all of you with the same great drums and smooth taste. When you’ll hear this you’ll be ‘Crawlin’ straight to the dancefloor. The love spreading never stops so Primarie will never stop too. ‘You and Me so Come On’ is to all of you out there that know what love is. This deep sound and street trumpets will keep you in a fine mood from the beginning to the end. Now straight from London, Timmy P just reminds us of ‘Those Good Old Days’ and it’s sounds like he hired his underground orchestra to do that. As the accapela says ‘you are’ and we think you are dancing!

We are spreading our army within more and more different places so we can explore all cultures and bring together the people throughout the music we love. Love is the message that our army fights for and this is who we are. Enjoy this third VA of Underground House Music!


Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Marco Carola: eredicare… nice track
Paco Osuna: downloaded thank you
Phil Weeks: some very cool sound here! thanks
Carlos Sanchez: julian perez and ferro tracks are really nice! thanks
Felipe Valenzuela: nice stuff over here!
Guti: cool tracks. thanks!
Andrew Grant: nice VA… a lot of good tracks
Tato: good selection!! Thanks!!
Javi Bora: Yes yes yes!
Philip Arruda: Great VA. Alot of great tracks here! thanks
Mirco Violi: nice tracks here
Andrea Loche: Great VA !! Support !
Dan Drastic: I like a few of the tracks. Good work.
Mihai Popoviciu: imi place refan
Someone Else: 1 and 6 for me
Anthea: Eredicare and Refan are my favs… but all the tracks are cool..but i know i will play for sure Eredicare and Refan… Great release though all aspects of the deep here! Full support.
Dan Farserelli: Best release yet Full support. Little Hado and Arapu is the one for me!
Hector: Bombs !!!
Vadim Svoboda: nicccceee
Resident Advisor: Downloading, thanks.
Camiel Daamen: The Playback is nice! Sick groove!
Rosario Internullo: fine selection there are some good track inside for different moment thank u guys
Carlos Roll: Nice pack! eredicare is amazing. thanx.
Luis Groove: I had play the Julian Perez track sice time a go and it’s works really well on the dancefloor. Little Hado & Arapu and Bayt tracks are nice too. Thanks for the music!
Claude Solis: great release, like always from tzinah
Terje Bakke: like the potential of the BHLR track
Djohnny: Nice compilation!! will play
Faster: Perez for me !
Molisans Brothers: BHLR 4 us…BOMB
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn’x
Nick Perry: nice Va i would try some tracks
Edgar de Ramon: nice various, will try thank you
Art Patrice: nice stuff as always, thanks for sending
Jorick Croes: Really Nice !! Thank you
Flo Gold: Very nice EP! The BHLR – Beyound the road works perfect for my warmup sessions and the Raffa FL – The payback is totally hitting the spot. I love it!
Francersco Zani: Very Nice VA…
Daxxel: Nice collection of tracks
M-Phunk: Bayt, Timmy P, BHLR for me nice tracks…
Bvoice: Little Hado & Arapu – Eredicare (Original Mix) my favourite for tonight! ;p hot hot hot,keep on doing!
Floska: eredicate and the payback for me nice
Julian Perez: Amazing One!!
Timmy P: Really digging the acid touch in Encanto! Great release!
Paco Wegmann: Tracks from Little Hado , Raffa Fl , M-Phunk & Timmy P are my favourites.Good tracks as always.Thanks
Hado: Support !! thanks
Primarie: Lovely lovely great atmosphere in Tzinah Family
Rhadow: crawlin.thx
Dirty Culture: Timmy P is dope! also I like Ferro and Perez will play. thanks
Zotist: Good Compilation!
Horatio: Support for Little Hado , MPhunk , Bayt
Mr.John: full support,the best VA fro you..great job again,Tzinah
Egal 3: foarte interesant, voi incerca eredicare & refan, support
Ari Giraão: Very good stuff Tzinah is definitely a great label.
Al neville: ferro is good.b nice
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show): ”The Playback” from Raffa FL sounds cool! ”Those Good Old Days” from Timmy P is nice as well.
Simon Heyliger: Loving the tracks guys
Rods Novaes: great release!! full support! thanks!
Tomika: lot of great tracks here, bomb va. again..
Wade Bennett: very good!!!
Jordi Villalta: i love it!! full support.
Severin Schwarz: Very housy release! All tracks are great, but my fav is Little Hado & Arapu – Eredicare and BHLR – Beyond The Road. I´ll play it loud!
Joachim: Like Julian Perez track the best of the whole pack..
D.Jordan: goo vibes’¡, juli and hado down for me…..
Nasty Boy: BHLR – Beyond the Road in my next set!
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): Many thanks for your help Dan God bless you mate. Fantastic release !!
Just D’light: Eradicare works for me!
Narcissa: Good sound guys! Little Hado & Arapu the best for me
Hozoc: Refan / Eradicare are my favorites.Thanks
Alexandru Rusu: nice thanks
Deep J: Great EP, as much support as possible on this one!
M.A.M.: Amazing package! Munchkins everytime and crawlin for me! Thanks
Alexandru Rusu: nice thanks

Tzinah Records
Underground House Music!

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