[Forteana013] Psytox presents: Chateau Margot (mix comp.)

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[Forteana013] Psytox presents: Chateau Margot (mix comp.)

Post by PsyTox » Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:35 am

Forteana.013: Psytox presents: Chateau Margot - Vintage Tracks From Coincidence and Forteana.

Artist: Various
Title: Chateau Margot - Vintage Tracks From Coincidence and Forteana.
Label: Forteana Records
Format: Digital


01. Nathalie & Janet Wishnetsky: I Am
02. Tom Dazing & Gols: Suricata Suricatta - Los Updates Remix
03. Benn Lian: Because I've Called Her
04. Psytox: Painting Laura
05. Beat Syndrome: Salasa Jar

06. Don Santos: Coffe & grains (VCS Remix)
07. Nerve Theater: Lost Braincells (Cesare vs Disorder In Da House Remix)
08. Bollen & Fichtner: Osama's Groove - A
09. Psytox: An Afternoon In Brussels
10. EC50: Jonestown - (Kool Aid Mix Vocal Mix)

11. Psytox: Anna-Logue
12. Psytox: Sara Toga
13. Psytox: Bargain Techno - Marcus Vector Remix
14. Psytox: Rocarola
15. Michael Davis aka Dolby D: Beat Beat Bad - Marco Asoleda Remix

16. Dave Copp & Tommy McKinley: Coca
17. Jeroen Search: Mobilty - Delta Funktionen Remix
18. Jeroen Search: Periapsis - Conforce Deconstruction Mix
19. Jeroen Search: Periapsis
20. Mr. Mau: Untitled

21. Kretipleti: Greger
22. Dub Pets: Jah Jah Is Coming (Bonus Track)

Available on:


Words words words.

The first mix on Forteana by label boss Psytox (Coincidence Records, Tomorrowland). Besides the ironic title, it's also a good starting point for those people who would love to get to know some gems from the Coincidence and Forteana Records labels.

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