ADIG11-TheGhostOfJB & TheChildrenOfGod - MakingTimeForGo

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ADIG11-TheGhostOfJB & TheChildrenOfGod - MakingTimeForGo

Post by pauliz » Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:10 pm

ADIG11-The Ghost Of J B & The Children Of God - Making Time For God EP - incl Walker Barnard and Mikael Stravostrand remixes


artist: The Ghost of J. Beauregard B. and The Childrens of God (with Mikael Stavostrand and Walker Barnard remixes)
Making Time For God EP
release date :
Jan 17th, 2011
WW distribution: KOMPAKT

1. Marimba For God (Alice, Are You Hung Up?)
2. Marimba For God (Walker Barnard Remix)
3. X-Mass Lights In The Sky , Coca and Keef Moon
4. X-Mass Lights In The Sky , Coca and Keef Moon (Mikael Stavostrand Remix)
5. Her Weather IS Not To Our Liking

GET BEATPORT SAMPLES here:} ... 20God%20EP

Video for "Marimba For God":

Well what can we say, with an artist (or group, were not quite sure) name like The Ghost of J. Beauregard B. and The Childrens Of God we did not know what to expect, but with a name like that we had to listen to the demo….and very happy we did! The title of ADIG11 is "Making Time For God" . Deep, beautiful and scary sounds creek around these tracks like the unknown sounds in the attic at a great grandmothers house in Salem, while the percussions and rhythms wont allow the dancer to stop. Psychedelic in the purest form, strange religious overtones and a solid late night feel makes this EP nothing but a winner for real music lovers and dancing devils together.

The first original track "Marimba For God (Alice, Are You Hung Up?)" moves like a hungry animal on ecstasy trying to find its way home. Sick funky baseline, moving African-ish marimbas, bizarre yet groovy vocal samples, old sounding flutes and warped horns makes it perfect for before or after party celebrations. On remix duties for this one we have Adjunct artist Walker Barnard throwing down some of the deepest and funkiest sh!t we have heard from him yet. An extended 15 minute opus that you will wish never ended. Taking the essentials of the the original and smearing them like peanut butter on a raccoons quivering butthole….ravishing !

The second original track here is titled "X-Mass Lights In The Sky , Coca and Keef Moon" and is another trippy god forsaken dance floor gem. Heavy handed low end, Deep internal patterns, vocal bits talking about lights in the sky and sunken distant tribal percussion meets a lucid analog synth melody and births the perfect unborn child perfect for dance floor heaven. On remix duties for this one we have the wonderful Mikael Stavostrand. Mikael gets all up in there and tears the track up, laying down a solid rock steady groove that holds tight and will not let you go!

Last but certainly not least is a number….maybe not aimed at the dance floor but more at your head. This track titled "Her Weather Is Not To Our Liking" with its very shuffled beat, is more of a cinematic piece….evoking the dirtiest and scariest moments of dreaming. Strange floating female vocals, subby low end stabs, weathering storm and fire back drop creates a space to watch music instead of just listen or dance to. All in all this EP is a bit like listening to an old Art Bell show on AM radio while driving through the mountains at 3 AM….and we like that.!

Igloo Mag Review:


"hey there ! merry xmas ! i really like the ep, can you send me pls a download link, wanne play it !"
-Matt John (Perlon, Holographic Island)

"again super cool ep loving stavostrand remix !!"
-Anthony Collins (Vakant, Freak n' Chic)

"Full Support!"
-Pheek (Archipel, Lick MY Deck, Adjunct)

"both marimba mixes work nice for me - deep and tasty, thanks!"
-Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music, Immigrant)

"nice ep! my faves are tracks 1 and 4."
-Someone Else (Foundsound)

"good stuff AGAIN from adjunct!!! X-Mass Lights In The Sky, Coca, and Keef Moons and marimba of god are really nice tracks! working in my brain and the floor""
- Dilo (Trapez, Igloo, Adjunct)

"Originals, #1 + #3, are excellent. They have that sound of my beloved late-90s San Francisco. Right up my alley and I'll totally play and support."
-Q Burns Abstract Message (Hallucination Ltd., Eighth Dimension)

"As usual, I will be jamming this one for sure. I think all of the tracks are great. I need more listens to pick a favorite, but Mikaels remix, and the 1st original are in my playlist already :) Please send, I want to play them in Munich on NYE."
-Jason Short (Auralism, COTK)

"very nice release... nice house tracks from adjunct... my favorite are mikael's remix and marimba for good original... Great stuff!!!"
-Milos (Leporelo/Radio_FM/Bratislava)

"this is a sick release!! all tracks are super tight, will have to try them out to pick a fave, so far all sounds delicious!!! big fans!!"
-Signal Deluxe (blaq, thoughtless)

"gotta say i'm feelin' all of the tracks and remixes... solid f'ing release!"
-Big Bully (Mineral, Get Physical, Tic Tac Toe)

"really liking this release. thanks"
-Elon Admony (Clink, Dumb-Unit)

"nice work,,different!..mikael rmx its dope thanks!"
-Luca Ortega (Rrygular, Alphahouse)

Great release! Walker’s remix is just right. Will be playing the hell outta that one. I love Adjunct!
-Alland Byallo (Poker Flat)

"One of the more eclectic releases from Adjunct's digital division yet, the deep spook of J. Beauregard bears resemblance to the industrial sampledelia and atmospheric dimensionality of acid house-era COIL. Marimbas and horns complement a warm house aesthetic that accelerates its momentum with a spacious drivetrain of percussion and sampladelic voice. Quite simply, this is 4am, tripped-out, deep minimalist house music, the kind of deep dish that any of us alive during the 1990s found ourselves wiggin' out to under forest canopy, worshipping large black towers of speakers and a sound that remained unnamed and anonymously awesome... as it is with this release, oddly titled and mysteriously designated, all the parts here, from semantics to soul sounds, exceeds the whole."
-Tobias C. Van Veen (reviewer: Stylus / FUSE Magazine)

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Post by pauliz » Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:18 pm

ur remix rocks mikael!

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