[Sunset Diskos011] Itzone - Comon O w/ Mikael Stavostrand Rm

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[Sunset Diskos011] Itzone - Comon O w/ Mikael Stavostrand Rm

Post by hot-cakes » Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:21 pm

[Sunset Diskos011] Itzone - Comon O

After successful releases for Dirtybird, Monocline and Blaq, our buddy Itzone from Mexico City presents his first Sunset Diskos release.

Itzone has been a major player in the Mexican scene for over a decade, as a dj and a promoter for years. So finally after a long friendship we decided to release his music on our label to since we been fans for years now.

Itzone delivers a range of tracks from funky club bangers to trips for the after hours. Also Sunset Diskos head Mikael Stavöstrand could not resist to put his hands on Comon O.

https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/con ... /Comon%20O

http://soundcloud.com/sunset-diskos/set ... o-sunset11

Itzone - Comon O

1. Comon O 7:19
2. Comon O (Mikael Stavöstrand Remix) 10:41
3. Stei Tru 7:14
4. Witcha Wed
5. La Mentira de Eustaquio 6:067:52

Release date: November 5th 2010
Cat: Sunset Diskos 11

Dj Feedback

Dan Curtin (Mobile etc)
""I really like this EP and was rather surprised. Lots of variation and different styles which shows the real talent. Stei Tru is crazy with those synth sounds, like some kind of sci fi synthetic jungle....nice...and in general I'll be playing most of the traxx on this EP.Full support!"

Elon (Dumb Unit, Clink)
"great realese here, Witcha_Wed for me."
"6 out of 5"

Anthony Collins (Freak n Chic)
"very nice grooves indeed"

Agoria (infine)
"Stavostrand like always"

Brothers Vibe (Brothers' Vibe // (Mixx/SOM/Deep Vibes/Sushitech))
"Will play...Tks!"

Camea (Clink)
cool! like your remix and stai tru :) thanks!

Laurent Garnier (pias -innervision -crosstown rebels -f Comm // everywhere)
"good atmospheric techno ep "

Signal Delux (Blaq)
"nice release! will be playin "witcha wed" and Mikael's remix for sure!! lovin these 2 jams, Sunset, Mikael & Itzone!! what a nice combo!! much love!!!"

UGLH (8Bit/Supernature/Catwash/Noir/Caramella)
"Great Ep. Full support. Thanks."

Luca Ortega/Lineas de Nazca
"fucking cool tracks from itzone as always,,feeling the whole ep..no favs here,,full support!!"

Blood and Tears (KarateKlub / Lordag)
"a bit unusual, I really like that"

Crazy Larry (Wagon Repair)
"man that is some wild music yo! crazy dark sounds, good for a big room for sure! i think i like your remix the best, really takes you on a little journey. could play this in a lot of different sets i think. keep it up!!!

Mark Henning (Soma)
"title track is cool! :)"

Hugo Duran
"I like his sound very much; La Mentira de Eustaquio is a bomb, Comon O (original) as well. Muy chingón Itz. Thanks."

Electric Indigo (indigo@inc)
"nice one! common o original is really special - also like mikael stavöstrand remix but my favorite is la mentira de eustaqui."

Mathias Schaffhäuser (ware records)
"5/5 - great original mix of "comon o", i like this kind of dub / breaks / house / whatever hybrids. "stei tru" "witch wed" are also superb, very good dj tools. also like the drakness of "la mentira...". first class EP, will play and chart!"

Pizeta (Manocalda,Kailash,La Terra,Mazoom lab,Digital Traffik,Autan records)
"very good release"

Hugo (goodvibe)
"cool ep. thanks."

Kabale und Liebe (SOWESO, 100% Pure, Remote Area)
"witcha wed and stavostrand remix are my favs. will try 'm out tnx"

Someone Else (foundsound records)
"this ep is great."

Mandy Jordan (Vekton Musik, Vee Recordings)
"great Mikael Stavöstrand Remix!! wow!"

Franco Bianco (Dilek Records, Multivitamins, Hypercolour, Unfoundsound)
"He heeee i know this guy! ;) Fucking HUGE release. Love it!"

Raresh (arpiar)
"comon o original .. trippin stuff . thanks"

Ramon Tapia (Turbo / Greatstuff)
"4/5 - Stavostrand remix for me"

"Comon O is a very interesting track. Not for the floor, but for listening at home. Good job"

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur Recordings)
"La Menteria de Eustaqui is a Boomb!! will play, thanks"

Oliver Markreich (Orphik Recordings / Lordag / Orphik Spezial /)
"crazy sounds ..... like it comon O Nice intro track ..played thx"

Julie Marghilano (material // many different)
"the original and stavostrand are the ones for me. nice release! thanks"

Kiko Martinez (DocePulgadas Radioshow)
"nice stuff, supported!!!"

Patrick Zigon (Puzzle Traxx / Tanzbar / Sounderground)
"great Stavöstrand remix!"

Blog - soundrevolt.com (SR)
"deep, dark and interesting"

Luc Ringeisen (Vinyl Club, Safari Electronique, Movida, Ongo Satelite & more // Club Der Visionaere Berlin, Underground & Zoo Project Ibiza & more)
"very nice stavöstrand remix and "witcha wed"
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