[TF06] Sidney Frost - Superfling EP - 6.23.10

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[TF06] Sidney Frost - Superfling EP - 6.23.10

Post by Poolside » Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:00 pm

Release Date: 6.23.2010


Timefog on Beatport

New Artist Sidney Frost brings you an ep of dry, dirty, and quirky techno.

Superfling - http://timefog.net/releases/tf06/preview-superfling.mp3
A dirty, throbbing party rocker. A deep kick and low-slung bassline pulses along with raw snare fills, cymbal crashes and dark-edged rides flicking the tempo forward. A heartfelt pitched-down monologue describes sources of musical inspiration as popping percussion and swelling noise bring the fling to a climax. Sure to be a favorite in big rooms.

Superfling - Audio Injection Remix- http://timefog.net/releases/tf06/previe ... remix).mp3
Audio Injection (DROID) delivers a floor-pounding, festival-sized remix for fans of the Berghain sound. Taking no time at all to get into it, the pressure builds and builds, with a huge kick, pitch shifting scattered drums, time-warped atmospherics, and a thick snare. Making limited and percussive use of the spoken words, the beat is pushed to the front. Shakers and affected bleeps fill in to keep the rhythm section pumping and the floor heaving. Huge!

Superfling (Paul Birken Remix) - http://timefog.net/releases/tf06/previe ... remix).mp3
Minneapolis analog god Paul Birken elbow-drops his unique personal touch, with machine driven beeps chattering over a wonky reinterpreted bassline. The voices are reduced to snippets as laser guided stabs do rock em sock em robot battle on the dancefloor.

Moki - http://timefog.net/releases/tf06/preview-moki.mp3
Plastic marbles ping their way across the floor amid shuffling clicks and compressed delay sounds. Distant submerged sirens make their approach around dramatic tom fills before the beat drops in a locked groove. An effective warehouse techno tool.

On the Mountain - http://timefog.net/releases/tf06/previe ... untain.mp3
Haunting synths drift in the background of a marching beat and punching snares, with grinding gears pulling a shadowy train up a steep slope. A phantom trumpet player plays a stirring dub bolero from the cliffs above, urging the ascent of the ambiance. This is a moody hypnotic journey perfect for deep in the mix.


Acid Circus: nice work. digging the birken and audio injection mixes. both great for different occasions. B-) on the mountain is also great...the techno trumpet is a nice touch.

Audio Injection: Strong release! :)

Someone Else: my monster penis and i are happily diggin the superlfing original.

Butane: hotter than a sexxed up lesbian scene in a Jonni Darko movie! Porno time!

DVS1: On the mountain is the track for me. Perfect for taking a breath in between chest thumpers but not losing momentum.

Tim Xavier: Interesting bag of tricks here.....Im down with "On the Moutain" and Audio INjection remix :) Good job on this one :)

Dustin Zahn: full support...on dat ass.

Nihad Tule: audio injection remix is my first pick. great stuff! i like them all!

Bryan Zentz: dang... all three versions of superfling are awesome. cant decide which one to play! pauls take on it is really cool and funky. on the mountain is just great as well! thanks

Joseph Capriati: i really like Audio Injection's remix.

Deraout: really nice voice also is a dark but kicker!

Alan Fitzpatrick: audio injection mix is nice.

Orde Meikle: nice moody grooves - strong package

Paco Osuna: thank you will play

Laurent Garnier: Paul's mix is awsome -- will hammer this

Tony Rohr: Been supporting and playing this one out a lot. Me likey.

Marco Carola: nice track! RE: Moki

Camea: great! audio injection remix for me but i like all for them :)

Drumcell: been playing it for a while... but really happy to get the original.. its a good track

Joel Mull: great release! Moki and Audio Injection Remix is my pick. Thank you for the music

Cari Lekebusch: well nice release, full support on Audio Injection remix! =D

Derek Plaslaiko: Original of Superfling and the Audio Injection remix are killer! As is Moki! Thanks for this! Will def play!


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