[MM09] G. Lanza & D. Giuliano - Senegalized (Nima Gorji

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[MM09] G. Lanza & D. Giuliano - Senegalized (Nima Gorji

Post by chrislattner » Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:07 pm


Its time for Napoli to prove its depth of talent once more, and this time we're steering clear of the rolling techno and heading straight
for the House! Lanza is co-owner of 'Titbit' alongside Davide Squillace. An Ableton specialist. Giuliano is one of the finest DJ's in the
city, already known for his work on Casbah Records.

'Senegalized' is a deep, throbbing, tribal beast. Bottomless bass, and killer synth line, make it a floor filler deluxe.

As with all Monique releases, we are treated to an extra special remix package. First up is Minimono with their 'For The Girls' Remix.
As it says, its a laid back, low-slung, sultry groover, specially made with the mating season in mind.

Man of the moment and Ibiza resident Nima Gorji is up next, bringing his brand of Balearic funk to the table. True dancing material,
this will have the floors popping throughout the summer months and beyond.

Chris Lattner harnesses the heavy bassline, wrapping it in tom's and vocal sample. Then half way in we get the synth's drop and create
the groove of all grooves.

Alex Moments rounds out the package with a mix for those of us require a more twisted evening. Locked in on another sick groove,
he drops some sick pad-work and efx to create a whole different take on the original.

Yet again Monique Musique brings the heat, with another superb package of sounds. There is something here for absolutely everyone,
and the most amazing thing is...... there's so much more to come!!!

1. Senegalized original
2. Minimono Remix
3. Nima Gorji Remix
4. Chris Lattner Remix
5. Alex Moments Remix

https://www.beatport.com/de-DE/html/con ... enegalized


S.M.A.L.L - Nima Gorji remix is the bomb! so deep, full support..
Andrew Grant – (DC-10) – “Chris Lattner remix is ACE!!!”
Behrouz – “Great package, really like the Nimas rmx. Full support.”
Ben Watt – “Liking the Nima Gorji ... night-time beach hammock music but deadly.”
Sebo-K – “Nima Gorji remix is great! Full support.”
Timid Boy - "Senegalized" Monster Ep! I love the original & Alex Moments remixes (what a trip!). Nima Gorji sunny version is a killer too ! Another really strong Ep from Monique Musique !
Joseph Capriati cool track Senegalized i will play it out!
Davide Squillace - wicked release ! support!
Matthias Meyer – thx. very good grooves here. my fav is the chris lattner remix. will play. cheers matthias
Giuseppe Cennamo - Great the remix of Nima...killer tune!
Larsson - The best mix for me is the nima gorji mix, really funky and sunny vibe
great for the summer!!thanx
Pablo Cahn-Speyer - nice and varied record, I like all mixes but my fav is alex moments remix.
Paul Woolford – “Nima's really making waves recently, and this will further his cause.”
Chris Tietjen – “Nima Gorji rmx is one for me...!”
Shinedoe – “I will play out Alex remix, thx!”
John Selway – “Will give Alex Moments mix a try.”
Kabale und Liebe – “Gorji remix is the one for me.”
Karotte – “The Minimono rmx is the one for me. I love it.”
C-Rock – “Nima Gorji again and again...”
Clive Henry – “Quite like the Minimono Remix of this.”
Solomun – “Great Nima and Alex remixes. Support!”
2000 and One – “I like and will play the Nima, Alex and Chris mixes.”
Matthias Kaden – “Very interesting remixes.....but i haven..t a favourite yet....we..ll see....”
D’Julz – “Nima Gorji mix does it for me.”
Meat – “nice remix collection! Minimono and nima gorji are my favs. the other two are also good ones! gonna check them out 4 sure!”
Lauhaus – “Very cool pack. Will play. Minimono!”
Patrick Chardronnet – “I play the Minimono remix!”
Arnaud Le Texier – “Nima Gorji and Minimono are the best one for me! Support will play them.”
Raresh – “Nice tracks! Minimono remix.”
Carl Cox – “Good range of mixes - really like Nima's one but the original is the stand out here for me. rolling / chaotic dark techno ...mmmm.”
Gel Abril – “Cool release here will support Nimas mix very groovie.”
Louis Osbourne – (RTE Pulse Radio Ireland) – “I'm liking the sound of this label already! :-) Great sounds...... and rightn up my strasse! I'm into Alex Moments mix the most as there's a bit more of a variation on the theme! All great mixes tho. Good work. And I will support. Thanks.”
Toni Moreno – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “I like Minimono remix and nima gorji remix, Full suport and playing this tracks on ibiza global radio.”
Karlos Sense – (Sonica Radio Ibiza) – “This releases are very very special, have a sound very very good..and envolved. My prefer track is of my friend Nima Gorji remix. is sexy, funny and with very groovy.”
Raveline Magazine Germany – “Review coming.”
Martinez - "Thanks for sending. really nice record. i am most into Minimono and Nima Gorji remixes! best."
Josh Wink - "Great mixes on this release. Good tribal house rhythm with lots of energy!"
DJ Yellow - "Dubby and techy the way i love...!"
Luca Bacchetti - "Minimono and NIma gorji are my favs!"
Orde Meikle - (Slam) - "Very nice - funky mother!"
Nekes - "Fantastic Record !! Thanks!"
Matthias Tanzmann - "The Minimono remix is my pick here."
Christian Smith - "The alex moments is best for me. wicked bassline! will play this for sure! grazie!"
Yakine - "Bomb release !!! i will play all track for sure but Nima Remix is my fav !!! full support!!!"
Anthony Collins - "Very cool remix package!"
Matthias Vogt - (Motorcitysoul) - "Great remix package. alex moments remix is big, also like the feel of the minimono remix. chris lattner remix is for those who wanna keep it more minimal. for me nima gorji remix is the one to play!"
Masomenos - "All mixes sounds goood!"
Sis - "Wow awesome rmx of nima nice:)"
Seuil - "Nice rmxs!!!!"
Tasilo - (Pan-Pot) - "Nice package, Minimono for me."
Hector - "Cool Ep all track are wicked love the nima remix thats my favourite one."
Julien Chaptal - "Very nice release. The Nima Gorij remix is right up my alley."
Audiofly - "Absolutely love the nima gorji remix....heard it last night and was happy to have it in my inbox today..."
John Digweed - "Like the Alex Moments mix."
Secret Cinema - "The Chris Lattner is my fav. Don't know if I would be playing this though...but maybe with my feet in the sand... Thanks."
Scope - "Lovin the Original & Minimono mixes.. 2 great variations.. Will play for sure!"
Hernan Cattaneo - "Nima mix."
Andy Baxter - (Pacha/Cafe Mambo) - "Nima Gorji all the way, Brilliant."
Lee Jones - (MyMy) - "Some nice mixes here. None stand out yet, but i think thats cos they"re all good."
DJ Deep - "Alex moments mix is nice."
Tom Wax - (You FM Germany) - "Solid mixes, but Chris Lattners Mix is my fave!"
Paul Hamill - (ATL BBC Ulster) - "Awesome, what a great label. will be hammering this one and the last one you ent. original and Alex Moments mixall the way."
Dinamo FM Istanbul - "Excellent remixes. Lovely EP. Very good minimal music."
Datatransmission.co.uk - "Nima and Lattner remixes hre... Nima is on FIRE!!"

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Post by Nigralex » Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:12 pm

full support for this release every tracks on it has his own flavour!

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Post by Fort » Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:31 pm

great release chris lattner remix is bomb! gorji tooo :D ciao!
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Post by chrislattner » Fri Jun 12, 2009 5:08 pm


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Post by Alister » Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:57 am

I love this ep :D
My fav are Original & Gorji remix 2 bombs!!!

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