[Intoxik Dig07] Remute - My Fair Stewardess

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[Intoxik Dig07] Remute - My Fair Stewardess

Post by tinvenc » Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:43 am


Hi all!
As an in demand, globetrotting DJ, REMUTE has seen his share of beautiful flight attendants. But this one surely steals the show: Chattering her pearlwhite teeth in polyrythmic ecstasy, beating muffled timpanis like a horny Japanese gaisha and grooving to the noises of momentous pool table collisions with hips gyrating in erotic offbeat contortions, his fair stewardess cuts through the sky like a belly dancing jetplane.

01 My Fair Stewardess (7:37)
02 Klemme (5:17)
Available on BEATPORT, cheers!


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