[broque 132] auto-pilot - freak electric

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[broque 132] auto-pilot - freak electric

Post by Fatkid » Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:41 pm

Auto-Pilot - Freak Electric (Broque 132)


After a break of over five years we are very happy to welcome a new Broque album straight out of beautiful Yorkshire. Adrian Collier aka Auto-Pilot has not only released the first twelve tracks in a long time on “Freak Electric” but also brought out the essence of his entire oeuvre. And this is fed most importantly by the influences of early electronic music of the 80s, wave and everything that came out of that during the Summer of Love and its aftermath during the genre-bending 90s. While tracks like “Exocity”, “Take A Ride” or “You Are” could very well originate from a time when the boundaries between experiment, dub and rave became increasingly blurred by our heroes at Sheffield-based Warp, “Casio Days”, “Normal Behavior” or “I Breath Nothing” are firmly rooted in the 80s and proclaim their longing for Gary Numan, Kraftwerk or The Human League. With vocals by Lee Harston-Southern, the Massive Attack-like „In the Machine“ also brings together old acquaintances who were already on board with the debut album ”Ocearina”, closing a circle that could hardly be any rounder.

01 take a ride
02 you are
03 in the machine
04 sugar pond
05 casio days
06 exocity
07 normal behaviour
08 i breathe nothing
09 atoms
10 following dreams
11 we will remember
12 aftermath

More info and videos:
https://www.broque.de/label/en/release/ ... electric-2

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