[broque 130] tim susa - masquerades

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[broque 130] tim susa - masquerades

Post by Fatkid » Sat May 16, 2020 3:35 pm

Tim Susa - Masquerades (Broque 130)


„Masquerades“ is as fresh as a daisy and yet comes from a time when masks were not yet primarily perceived as life-saving protection against novel viruses. The EP actually approaches the topic from a completely different angle: the everyday play with roles, expectations and the escape from exactly those, e.g. the urge to dive into nameless anonymity. Our long-time companion Tim Susa negotiates the topic through five tracks, which are very down-to-earth and straightforward in a very traditional and authentic way. Whereas his production is as digital as it gets, all tracks feel analogue and get comfortable in the most diverse of sets. While „Swan“ floats in dreamy dub techno spheres, „Dentist“ and the title track „Masquerade“ remind in parts of Cobblestone Jazz-epics like „India in me“. “Owl“ waves enthusiastically to Gez Varley’s G-Man project lurking in the distance and „N?“ gives free rein to its playfulness, while the Kernel Existence remix of „Masquerade“ comes across as very dark yet functional. As different as the tracks may seem at first glance, there is an honest and deep techno sound underneath the multi-faceted surfaces, which inspires without any superfluous gimmicks.

01 masquerade
02 owl
03 swan
04 noe
05 dentist
06 masquerade (kernel existance rmx)


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