[broque 127] mar io - listen to my heart

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[broque 127] mar io - listen to my heart

Post by Fatkid » Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:27 pm

Ma rio - Listen to my heart (Broque 127)
What sticks out while listening to the Listen to my heart EP is the fact that ist creator Mar io has been in the business for a long time and has mastered the skill of combining a range of influences and styles into very atmospheric tunes. After his previous vinyl EP on the Cologne-based label Form & Terra, these seven new tracks seem more like a mini album than your usual EP and embrace the listener with warm and atmospheric melodies, vocals and lots of groove from start to finish. Mar io’s sounds are packed with club music history, ranging from acid house references, emerging through the Zweig remix of the title track, up to flashbacks into the more explicit and direct approach for which 90s club tracks are so much loved these days. However, he always manages to weave such influences into his tracks in the most respectful way, not making it sound like an obvious reach out to the retro-crowd but like a loving reminiscence of the glorious past. Not to forget that with „Shake Your Body (Give It To Me)“ (Electro Mix) Mar io underlines that his latest EP is not only made for the dancefloor, even though this is where it surely will cause elevate levels of serotonine pretty soon.

01 baby
02 listen to my heart
03 shake your body (give it to me) (electro mix)
04 listen to my heart (zweig remix)
05 in future
06 listen to my heart (heartfloor mix)
07 enough


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