[broque 125] cie - the call

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[broque 125] cie - the call

Post by Fatkid » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:04 pm

Cie - The Call (Broque 125)
Our unofficial Broque office in Cologne has been headed by Thilo Geertzen aka Cie since quite some time now. Close to the Rhine riverbank, Thilo is actively contributing to the techno scene since more than two decades and released his first EP on Broque already in 2005. This year, he kicked off his own label Form & Terra Recods, where the first release (Cie – “Auf Los”) featured a Remute remix, amongst other surprises. Hence, we are even more delighted that Thilo still finds time to wave the Broque flag with us and to release a fantastic new EP on Broque. The title track “The Call” is jointly produced with Eric Svensen and comes in two versions which march straight onto the dancefloor and even take on board some whizzing acid lines (Mar Io remix). “Durchzug” and “Fernab” approach the club through slightly deeper yet muscle-bound rhythms. With “Wonka”, Thilo somewhat gets out of his comfort zone by surprising us with melodic synths and retro-futuristic memories of the likes of Kraftwerk. Finally, his remix of Ucledens “Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Fall Together“ fits the dreamy vibe of the original track into a straighter club jacket and, most importantly, perfectly underlines Cies commitment to the Broque family.

01 the call featuring eric svenson
02 durchzug
03 ucleden - good things fall apart so better things fall together (cie remix)
04 the call featuring eric svenson (mar io remix)
05 fernab
06 wonka


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