[broque 124] ucleden - do not stand at my grave

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[broque 124] ucleden - do not stand at my grave

Post by Fatkid » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:29 am

Ucleden - Do not stand at my grave (Broque 124)


Back then, when Ucleden brainstormed titles for his new Broque-EP and came up with „Do not stand at my grave“, no one could have known that the recently passed US senator John McCain might have said exactly this to his former boss Donald Trump at some point. We also have no idea, whom Andrei Nedelcu aka Ucleden himself actually has been addressing with this request. What we can state with absolute certainty though: the title track of his new EP combines a blissful and relaxed Balearic vibe with a relentless drive on the dancefloor. The five variations of the theme transport it into different corners of club music, in between acid, trance and swinging deep house, but never lose sight of the warm atmosphere of the original track. Next to four versions contributed by Anrdei himself, the final remix is provided by Max Cavalerra who sticks to his signature sound and offers the darkest variant of the original theme, which shuffles slowly but steady through the echo space, but without ever losing touch with the original track. So much about the hard facts: we leave all further interpretation happily to you as esteemed listeners.

01 do not stand at my grave
02 do not stand at my grave and dance
03 do not stand at my grave and acid
04 do not stand at my grave and i am not there
05 do not stand at my grave (max cavalerra rmx)


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