[broque 114] dml - the chemistry of boredom

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[broque 114] dml - the chemistry of boredom

Post by Fatkid » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:06 pm

Dopamine is an odd kind of thing. While it’s usually meant to stimulate us, sustained exposure, for instance through continuous sensory overload, will have the opposite effect in the longer term. Or in other words: it will be the biochemical reason for feeling tired or bored. Our longstanding buddy DML (aka Dirk Lamprecht) is now fighting “The Chemistry of Boredom” with his very diverse new EP on Broque, which directly hooks up with the right receptors. Our Munich native oft he month has digged very deep into his hard drive to find some hidden gems. As every producer well knows, storage devices turn into gold mines for sketches and ideas, which never were wrapped up and are quickly forgotten, but are full of potential and promises. And, as expected, there’s been material for numerous albums waiting to be discovered. That even can be confirmed just by listening to these five colorful new tracks: here, D’n’B-driven Electronica (“Stereotyping”) meets slow dance dub techno (“SFW”) meets Funkstörung-ish funky beats over string drama (“Past Redemption”) meets Kraftwerk-inspired synth nostalgia (“Beta Testing”). That’s quiet some diversity for one EP only, all held together by Dirk’s signature chords and sounds. To finish it off, the EP closes with DML’s interpretation of Stefan Tretau’s “Just Before Daybreak”, which gets back to the solid foundation of timeless dub techno, on which most of DMLs track are built in one way or another
to defy all short-lived hypes and be with you forever. Certainly no chance to get bored. Eat this, dear receptors!

01 stereotyping
02 sfw
03 past redemption
04 beta testing
05 stefan tretau - just before daybreak (dml remix)


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