[broque 109] less - rosmarie

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[broque 109] less - rosmarie

Post by Fatkid » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:11 pm

less - rosmarie [broque 109]


Deepness and white noise, warmth in the dark, vitality and recurrence, loss and reermergence. On his first album, Less is weaving a thread, which runs through all tracks. “Rosmarie” is a concept album inspired by big themes such as longing, love, and sorrow. It tells a story which mustn’t be told. A dream, which is being dreamt secretly. A narrative involving subtle emotions as well as the deepest pain. On the album, Less is living through a dream romance, named after his muse. Rosmarie is a story which should be listened to from its beginning to its very end. It doesn’t require any over-the-top arrangements or cheap showmanship. But only pure longing in the darkness.

01 it smells like you
02 rosa rauschen
03 dornenreigen
04 in the fog there is a light
05 it hurts
06 behind your mask
07 you are gone
08 leave me now
09 with you behind the curtain

Album Mix: https://www.mixcloud.com/broque/broque- ... album-mix/


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