[RNLSML014] - Cossmos / TxL - Another Story EP

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[RNLSML014] - Cossmos / TxL - Another Story EP

Post by rationalism » Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:26 pm

-smurf GET YOUR COPY // www.bit.ly/RNLSML014deejayde
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A1: Cossmos - Linda & Mich
A2: Cossmos - El Otro, El Mismo
B1: Txl - Ubication 121
B2: Txl - Guarromantico

A brand new majestic addition to our catalogue, this time a mental Split by two experienced producers. On One side Cossmos (The Untold Stories) pair of original beats and breaks, Acid timbres and galactic soundscapes for higher educated dancefloors.

On the Other side we receive TxL (Formas, Future Tones) timeless tracks, two free spirited productions, ready to embrace time passage and emotional understanding of club sound. TIP !
RATIONALISM RECORDS /// www.rationalismrecords.com /// PLEASUREX.CLUB /// https://pleasurex.club/

MYHOUSE YOURHOUSE /// soundcloud.com/mhyh-records /// ZARDOS /// https://zardos.bandcamp.com

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