[MHYH020] Dirty Culture, RO_MO - Club Split #02 - MyHouse YourHouse

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[MHYH020] Dirty Culture, RO_MO - Club Split #02 - MyHouse YourHouse

Post by rationalism » Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:41 pm


DEEJAY.DE // bit.ly/MHYH020
Juno Records // bit.ly/MHYH020JUNO


A1: Dirty Culture - Why Do I Deserve The Science To Feel Better About You
A2: Dirty Culture - Amsterdam In A Box
B1: Ro_Mo - Friy
B2: Ro_Mo - 2 Mañanas

Romanian maestro and TheSounds label boss dirty culture strikes first with two originals showing the delicate yet powerful musical statement of dirty culture coming from over 15 years into music making.

On the Other Side we've receive the young energy of ro_mo coming from Mar Del Plata, Argentina. RO_MO show us the syncopatic dance manners of South American Clubbing Zeitgeist.

RATIONALISM RECORDS /// www.rationalismrecords.com /// PLEASUREX.CLUB /// https://pleasurex.club/

MYHOUSE YOURHOUSE /// soundcloud.com/mhyh-records /// ZARDOS /// https://zardos.bandcamp.com

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