[Bosco044] BSS - Spellbound EP

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[Bosco044] BSS - Spellbound EP

Post by derfa » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:23 pm

Out Now -boom

BSS irreverent Bosconi trio composed by Fabio Della Torre, Mass Prod and Rufus is back with a sacrilegious and witchy 4 tracker called “Spellbound”.
Mesmerizing progressive house tunes with a future retro hi nrg bass line and a hypnotic dreamy arpeggios worth of the early 90’s italo techno & house heritage, in the style of artists like Mystic Force, still with a contemporary attitude both in the house groove and in the sound choice, truly uplifting!

More infos: www.bosconirecords.com

Supported By: Marco Passarani , Tony Fairchild (Is Was) , Âme, Dachshund, Nekes, Pawas, Lele Sacchi, Fabrice Lig, Matt Star, Nekes,

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