[NESS_REWORKS_001] - a_000 - NRW001

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[NESS_REWORKS_001] - a_000 - NRW001

Post by alanbackdrop » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:28 pm

Ness Reworks is the spin off project from Ness, where will be featured different artists for each release.
For the first episode a_000 deliver Girge and Gent for the A side which get a sonic treatment by Ness on the B side.

Pre order : www.deejay.de/a_000_NRW001_NRW001_Vinyl__317664

A1 - a_000 - Girge
A2 - a_000 - Gent
B1 - a_000 - Girge (Ness Rework)
B2 - a_000 - Gent (Ness Rework)

Artwork and design by Aerphis
Mastered at Artefacts Mastering
Worldwide distributed by Vinyl Future
NRW001 - 2018

Vinyl and digital format out July/August 2018

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