[POSSIBLE FUTURES 001] Leonel Castillo - Antares / Bunda

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[POSSIBLE FUTURES 001] Leonel Castillo - Antares / Bunda

Post by possiblefutures2000 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:44 am

We have a choice.

To progress towards a civilization which does not unconsciously perpetuate or aggravate inequality and poverty, we need to accept our many differences.

For those who prefer uniformity or others who would rather avoid proximity, the celebration of diversity might sound ridiculous.

A certain measure of discomfort is required to reach compassion. But peace through diversity is no prophet’s fantasy. It is no harder to imagine than the magical fact that we are alive right now.

The eternal act of dancing is one of the most active form of contemplation. Facing our own selves in the mirror of movement, we realize that we indeed are reflections of one another at all times. What will our own actions and thoughts feed around us?

With over 30 years of combined dancefloor experience, Possible Futures have been witnesses to the wildest fauna and flora the great nocturnal jungle has to offer.

Sourcing their inspiration from the many shades of color that co-exist between black and white, it is through the open and eclectic selections of inspired and devoted luminaries that Possible Futures have found their manyfold sound: Frankie Knuckles, Larry Heard, Francois K, Carl Craig, Moritz von Oswald, DJ Harvey, Theo Parrish, Chez Damier, Ron Trent, DJ Deep or Moodymann, amongst so many others, have dedicated their lives to the flourishing of diversity on the dancefloor.

While the minds of Possible Futures float in the air with their bodies rotating behind the turntables, their feet are steadily rooted in reality, enabling their musical knowledge to unfold beyond the night. Through their own record label, Possible Futures share their therapeutic musical blends.

The first two cuts come from the grooves of Argentine old hand Leonel, a family friend of long date. “Antares” and “Bunda” drag their dusty trails across different genres, to be enjoyed at 45 rotations per minute. Curative properties guaranteed.


“There is the kind of change that happens over millions of years; and there is the change that occurs in seconds.”

– C.Inouye


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