[FUN005] Mariano Mateljan - Nibong EP

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[FUN005] Mariano Mateljan - Nibong EP

Post by Brainmelt » Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:25 pm

FUN005 Mariano Mateljan - Nibong EP

180g Vinyl Only

A1 Nibong
A2 Slippery Slope
B1 Thetea
B2 Lotus

[juno]http://www.juno.co.uk/products/mariano- ... 658292-01/[/juno]

There are no boundaries for Fun Records when it comes to continue spreading its refreshing sounds beyond trends and predictable beats.That's why this fifth release welcomes Mariano Mateljan, the infamous Croatian DJ, producer and one of the most talented and recognized electronic music artists of the country and abroad. Nibong (Fun 005) comes out with 4 tracks, traced by the analog frizzly details that have been characterizing every Fun's release. But there is even more behind the pristine minimalistic house signed by Mateljan and pressed on both vinyl's side: we can say that this time, Fun's got a bit more serious (just a bit, don't misunderstand us): Nibong EP enters directly to the highest clubbing experience but shaped as only Mateljan could make it. Listening to Thetea track on the B side will make you difficult to stand still without letting yourself go and stop thinking for a while in order to let your imagination emerge: enjoy the amenity of subtle feelings rising as the dreamy and slightly broken melody develops catching your attention. Lotus, the second B side track, may be the most ethereal one, and both together leave us having fun and feeling sensitive as if the sunset would catch ups by surprise on the beach. If you want to explore the also funny but darker side, the A side may be like the taoist yin conception, only understandable if yang is magically kept in Lotus and Thetea. And that's the clue of Mateljan's superb productions: Slippery Slope and Nibong's A tracks are well balanced, but at the same time the release has its own balance too. The result has generated a complex but coherent structure that keeps making you feel addicted to the sounds, no matter how many times you play and dance to them. 'Life isn't as serious as the mind makes it out to be.' Eckhart Tolle

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