[SIL004] Click Box - Slow Dancer

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[SIL004] Click Box - Slow Dancer

Post by silenciomusic » Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:27 am

Click Box, an unconventional techno artist based in Brazil, brings “Slow Dancer” to Silencio.

The first track, “N2”, gets rolling right off the bat with a driving bass line, accompanied by the subtle splashing sounds of lightly tapped bongos, that results in a solid hit. Noticeably mesmerizing tones, harmoniously strummed throughout its advancement, rise and fall with the melody in a precise manner that effectively relays an unrelenting momentum. This selection will keep everyone moving as it rounds the bases and slides into whatever is next to come.

Have you ever stared into a fire and been hypnotized by its intoxicating essence? “I Saw It” starts off with a searing sample, progressively waning and whining, that feels as if it’s fueled by a flickering flame or a frying circuit board. This track is tightened to perfection by a series of winding and ratcheting effects meticulously melted over a burning bass that’s guaranteed to leave a mark. It’s a great way to open the evening and get your audience engaged.

The digital tracks maintain the same level of quality with “In My Room”, comprising a steady pulsating bass sequence that overlap one another in an enigmatic, enjoyable fashion. It proceeds with intervals of mechanical samples, in the form of steam valves opening and closing accordingly, that definitely rise to the occasion. Other sounds found on this recording could be interpreted as hauntingly surreal voices calling out from vast distances, similar to the mythological Greek Sirens who lured nearby sailors to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

The second digital offering, “Soul 2 Soul”, is defined by deliberate drums that seemingly ricochet across the spiritual surface of the dance floor. It also features a sonically striking sample, accompanied by coordinated claps, that relentlessly rebounds many times over in glorious succession. This track is truly an electronic entity in the sense that the rhythm inhabits the body and acts through it.

Artist: Click Box
Release: Slow Dancer EP
Catalog No: SIL004

Release Date: May 17th

Track listing:

A - N2
B - I Saw It

Digital Exclusive:

In My Room
Soul 2 Soul

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