[FOFLP1] Ivano Tetelepta - True Colours LP

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Re: [FOFLP1] Ivano Tetelepta - True Colours LP

Post by ::BLM:: » Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:08 pm

junger wrote:
180gram wrote:Really don't get why people who buy the vinyl wouldn't have access to the tracks that are exclusive to the other formats. Seems...odd. (yes I got the 2x12").
No, don't be daft.

The reason why is that we had a big bunch of tracks sent over from Ivano - we have x2 slabs of vinyl so what do we do - there's only space for 8 tracks max and the plausibility of shifting a triple pack on our first LP isn't high... so, we pick the most dance-floor viable tracks for the vinyl which includes two that aren't on the CD - 119 & 120 and then we put the tracks that make most sense on the CD on that format, which includes a couple that aren't on the vinyl.

We don't have a website or 'owt like that so can't get clever with giveaway codes or anything remotely technical because by and large i'm a luddite.

thanks to all that have purchased either format though... much love, us x

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