[MK035] Berk Offset - Die Doris macht das Gift

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[MK035] Berk Offset - Die Doris macht das Gift

Post by twiddler » Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:04 pm


-ex check out the new release on Musik Krause, out now!
http://www.freude-am-tanzen.com/index.p ... ntent/3577

Isn't it astounding how Musikkrause manages to change direction? On one hand you can find albums from Feindrehstar and Ian Simmonds, as well as a number of diverse features. Maximum is the catchword. Who can bring bona fide, raw, full-service techno for a deep seated mind fck? Berk Offset of whom the technoiden world out there is no stranger, has the answer at the ready with a 2x funky, dada techno for culture-drunks and solar plexus-beatniks. The flowing lyricist Rainer Maria Silke is known as the techno-activist part of two duo's. Together with the Japanese Tanaka Hideyuki he celebrates an abundant frizzle-fest ornately, bound with Alex Kork under the handle Error as Cannibal Cooking Club to a freaky loud industrial-techno with an experimental edge. Added to that he is a manager of the label 9Volt-Musik which blithely ignores the trends but instead serves a challenging techno sound. The Raveline supported, 22nd release from their catalog "Stromberk" recently bagged a Record of the Month! For Musikkrause Berk Offset mimes the dead Doris with a filthy straight-lined techno avant garde for a life in the dance floor heavens. He is the charming psychiatrist with the melting grin and the right medicine in his frock, who muses from time to time over the effectiveness of shock therapy.

written by Oliver Goldt

...also check the trax at soundcloud:

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