[UNE001] "Introdunktion ep" - Monoblock + Treplec

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[UNE001] "Introdunktion ep" - Monoblock + Treplec

Post by UNE_Label » Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:06 pm

Remixer: TREPLEC
Cat nº: UNE001
Format: 12" & Digital
Release date: 1 SEPT
Mastering: TIM XAVIER
Distribution: DBH

A/ Monoblock – “Introdunktion” (Original edit)
Monoblock unveils for us on this piece divides from the UNE secret , a refined work with a hectic rythm. Gradually and under thick sci-fi atmospheres , the pair of producers MartinTC and Guikle, go and fill out the track with details to shape it til a melodic and delicate break. A track that will wrap us into subtile sonorous particles and deeper sensuality, without losing not even an apex of efficiency on the dancefloor. Better who to do an Introdunktion to us?

B/ Monoblock– “Introdunktion” (Treplec Kitzel Remix)
Taking advantage of the percussions and adding a vocal touch, Treplec leads "Introdunktion" to a more jazzy area , to bill a remix loaded of groove. A mysterious and elegant track completed with the whole meticulous precision of the owner of Milnormodern, endowed with an obsessive and pumping bass, that will get into our head binding to follow it irremediably.

To listen to both tracks just enter the releases link of the website:

Support: Mathias Kaden, Chris Carrier,Franco Cinelli, Troy Pierce, Seth Troxler, Pheek, Lemos, Sety, Laurent Garnier, Cesare vs Disorder, Mathias Schäffhauser, Dilo, Tim Green, Pherox, Someone Else, Alland Byallo, Ahmet Sisman, Alex Kid......

Next releases by: Inxec, Z@P, Mathias Kaden, Matias Muten, Funzion, Monoblock, Mikael Stravostrand, Maxime, and many more!!!!

To learn more about the artists:

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Post by sonofradiator » Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:41 pm

It's all about the Treplec remix for me - twisted freaky jazz time
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