Volca-Freesound app for Korg Volca Sample

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Volca-Freesound app for Korg Volca Sample

Post by wouterhisschemoller » Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:31 pm

Hi Mnml forum,

I've made an app for all Korg Volca Sample users, to load new samples on the Volca Sample. The app selects and downloads random samples from the freesound.org audio database and transfers them to the Volca Sample.

So it's not a general sample manager. This one just chooses random samples by itself. It's a handy tool to surprise yourself with an unexpected collection of new sounds on your Volca Sample. To get your creativity going and create new music.

It's an online app, so it opens in the browser. I've tested it so far on Chrome, Firefox and Safari (iPhone too). You can find the app here, ready for use:


And a demo song using only transferred files on a Volca Sample is here on my SoundCloud:

https://soundcloud.com/hisschemoller/vo ... -demo-song

The app is open source, for developers the JavaScript source files are here:


A screenshot of the app:


These are the settings you can make:
  • Maximum duration of the Freesound audio files from which to choose.
  • Normalize samples to maximum volume.
  • Double the samples' speed before transfer so the samples use only half the memory on the Volca.
  • Select which of the Volca's 100 sample slots will be overwritten.
You can read more in a post on my website, which includes a tutorial video:

https://www.hisschemoller.com/blog/2018 ... freesound/

I always like this kind of randomness in my music making process. It often gets the ideas going. I hope the app can be of use to someone.

That's it for my first post since 2011 :-) Happy to be back.

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Re: Volca-Freesound app for Korg Volca Sample

Post by John Clees » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:04 pm

wouterhisschemoller wrote:Hi Mnml forum,
That's it for my first post since 2011 :-) Happy to be back.
That's wonderful! Welcome back!

Best wishes with your app.

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