Any idea how to create this butane's crazy bassline ?

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Any idea how to create this butane's crazy bassline ?

Post by syndisastr » Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:59 am

Hey guys,

I'm new on this forum, so first of all I would say hi to everybody here. I've been looking around on the web since a few months and I can't find anything. A friend of mine advised me to register here as in his opinion this is the best producer spot. I should say that after 3 hours reading the posts I almost agree with him, so many usefull post right here.

As I’m fairly new to producing I will not be able to contribute a lot but hope to do so in the future, I’m working with Ableton and a couple of VST’s :)

Nevertheless I'm going to post my first question here as I’m really stuck on creating similar warm deep synth bass. I’ve been checking YouTube and other forum but nothing concrete about my issue.

I really would love to create a drone bassline similar like the one in the butane's track starting around 5.20min. I'm in love with this track since years..

If you guys have an idea or any tips, trick or suggestions that could help me..

Thanks a lot !
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Re: Any idea how to create this butane's crazy bassline ?

Post by AK » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:36 am

It's actualy hi pass filtered, the bass end has been playing since the track started. Think of this sound as a drone and not a 'bass drone'.

It all sounds very 'Juno-ish' to me. At exactly 5:20, there's the classic Juno style sub oscillator with chorus and then the single note drone comes in - which sounds like a combination of a pulse and saw wave with chorus and some LFO modulating the filter at certain points, probably done manually by playing with the modulation amount as the part was tracked. The thing with the Juno is it has a hi pass filter as well as the low pass, so you can cut off the low end just above the bass.

The other main thing to note is the semitone playing that is happening which may or may not make you assume it's some clever modulation trickery when in fact, if you put a synth into mono mode ( 1 note polyphony ) and legato, when you play with two fingers and 'wobble' the two notes, the envelope will not be retriggered on every new note and will sound like a pitch wobble as in this track.

So to narrow it down, if I were trying to make this sound, I'd look at something like a Juno, a balance of the saw and pulse waves ( no sub osc ) some of the inbuilt chorus, low pass filter as well as hi pass to take out low end, make the patch monophonic and legato and have the LFO set to modulate the filter cut off but then keep that modulation down so you can play with it manually after the part has been layed down.

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