Need advice on Allen & Heath Xone 62

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Need advice on Allen & Heath Xone 62

Post by joe987 » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:17 am

Hi All,

I have just sold my 62 and the guy who bought it is saying when he assigns a channel to the crossfader so he can use the filter it sounds lower in volume or muffled.

I thought this was standard and hardly noticeable but maybe not.

He also said when he activates the faders they sound abruptly muffled.

I have used others and they did the same thing but maybe this means te mixer is broken.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?



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Re: Need advice on Allen & Heath Xone 62

Post by hydrogen » Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:47 pm

Probably too late to respond on this... I've owned both but it has been a while since i've used a 62.

1. If the filter is activated it should sound filtered. That is how filters work. I know on my 92, if you activate the HPF immediately you will hear a resonance bump on the base. I think this is the same on the LPF. This is why there is a switch to turn it on/off per channel.

2. Crossfader there can be a difference in volume depending on how the curve is.

I don't think on the 62 the assignment is supposed to be switched often. He should keep the assignment set and observe the volume difference always and activate the filters when needed. I'm quite certain that is how this mixer works.

The 92 is a much better mixer I think because it doesn't combine these two.

Some people are more picky about their stuff or they are just unhappy with spending the $ and they start to get complaining about every little detail. Annoying but it happens.

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