How to create this beautiful warm nice Lawrence synth pad?

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Re: How to create this beautiful warm nice Lawrence synth pa

Post by AK » Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:07 pm

realnoose wrote:Hi AK - half a year later lol. I am also looking to find pad sounds like this and I find it very hard. Trying to figure out what kind of synth is being used and go from there.

Would buying a Boutique JP-08 or JU-06 make sense?
It's co's it was getting quieter here so I stopped looking in as much.

Like has been said, analog style pads do tend to favour a more thicker, murky sound, not always but it's usually what they're known for. You don't have to go hardware either, plenty of digital / software about to get airy and light pads. Could literally come from any source. Be aware of your chord voicings too, an analog type pad with extended chords can get quite low in terms of frequencies and can fill out the audio spectrum quite quickly.

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