2000 - 2005 period

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Re: 2000 - 2005 period

Post by John Clees » Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:25 am

welcome back to the forum - thank you for the warm wishes.

I think there is free music and there is conformed music. as you mentioned 97-99 era seem to exploded with free music. new ideas, new sounds, no barriers, no restrictions. everything was, newer for that time, excited, fresh and limitless..

I think it was right around 05/06 that the minimal bug caught on. then you had 100's of artist and dj's flocking to the trend. k also became much more main stream into electronic culture. in 08-09 you had podcast starting to surface as well. vinyl jackin music became more easy listening/podcast non dance floor orientated stuff. This as a whole I feel become more on the front lines of "electronic" music vs. dance floor vinyl stompers. I think there was entire shift from free music, dance floor jackers to copy cat trends that follow the years after. the first wave is always the freshest vs. a copy cat year trying to recreate a new version of the same trend.

I feel the ear you're referring to, the spirit of that type of free energy music, is long overdue and on its way back in as we shift into another new rotation of free spirited music.

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