Tips for my productions!

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Tips for my productions!

Post by victorrez » Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:15 am

Hello, I'm kind new here, so if this isnt the place to post that, I'm really sorry.

I started producing with fruity loops about 7 months ago and now, for 3 months I finally changed to Ableton Live 9.

But I think that i'm kind stagnant if you know what i mean.
I just cant envolve, I've tried some styles that I like, they are: Tech House, Minimal Tech and Deep House, but I'm not liking my tracks and I spent so many time doing it :/

I'll post one of my tracks here to you guys listen, and if its possible, give some feedback about it. ... ll-version

And the other thing that I want to is to recreate a bassline of this guys, R3cket, he is a really genious, I tried every way
and I just could not do it.

Here is an example of the bassline that i want to, I'll really appreciate if some of guys give me some tips. ... j-mandraks

I have a lot of Synthethizers, like Massive, Trilian, Sylenth1[...].

Just to finish and I gotta tell you that I'm always here, I'm needing some help today, but I think that I can help other people here too, so, if you guys eventually gonna need something, i'll be here to anwser everything that I can!

Thank you all and sorry for this long text!


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